Biden - Inappropriate Toucher and Killer of Children

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  • Disillusioned JW
    Disillusioned JW

    Thankfully the USA war with Afghanistan is now over, the Biden administration being the one who ended it (and the Trump administration being the one who initially set a date for the USA withdrawal [I mention this because I believe in giving credit where credit is due]).

    Thankfully also, the USA war with Iraq ended years ago, the Obama-Biden administration being the one who ended that war (a war on a country which had not attacked the USA) started by the George W. Bush administration.

  • Simon
    I voted for Biden in the USA presidential election

    Of course you did, people like him rely on there being people like you.

    and I am deeply saddened by the drone attack which resulted in the death of ten civilians, including an aid worker and seven children.

    Don't vote for incompetent people who have spent their political career backing unnecessary wars and been VP to the drone-striker in chief and then pretend to care when they do exactly what they always do.

    I hate ALL wars. I want Earth to be a place where warfare between humans no longer takes place. That hope of mine will very probably never become a reality, but I hope for it anyway.

    Nice speech. But like a fool, you vote for the people who tickle your earbuds with promises that they will make your Disney dreams come true.

  • lastmanstanding

    Hey Simon. You usually pick up on stuff quick, especially when it's related to Watchtower dying.

    Never mind freaking Biden. He will probably croak in his sleep any day.

    Check out the new Watchtower propaganda.

  • MeanMrMustard
  • Vidqun

    That was the problem with Ashley Biden's stolen diary where she mentioned she was sexualized at a young age and had "inappropriate showers" with her dad. That's why the FBI was sent in to bury the evidence. Eventually all they did was to prove that the diary was authentic. What idiots! Does Hunter Biden's laptop ring a bell? Biden is truly America's Groper-in-Chief. Half of Americans voted for him. What does it tell you about half of America?

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