Biden - Inappropriate Toucher and Killer of Children

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  • Simon

    NY Times report on the Drone Strike in Afghanistan - they killed an aid worker and his family including 7 children.

    It was done as a political stunt so Biden could claim they struck back at a terrorist (although it was a suicide bomb attack).

    The attack was due to his incompetence and the drone strike done to distract from it.

    His inappropriate touching of young girls now seems tame compared to his murder of young children.

    He should be prosecuted. He should be jailed. He won't be, because US politics.

    If you voted for him you're a shit that supports an inappropriate toucher and killer of children.

  • oppostate

    Then I guess there are shits who voted for Biden and shits who didn't.

  • Simon

    Pity the shits were the ones counting the votes.

    I notice you don't have much to say about Biden drone striking a house full of small children to distract from his previous mess?

    Nothing to say about it?

  • Rafe

    Little hard to believe that an aid worker transferring food and water, who was a worker for an American based NGO was at the same time a secretive ISIS terrorist, who just days before the attack applied for refugee status for himself and his family toward the US.

    Sounds like someone screwed up badly.

    How many white Toyota Corollas are there in Kabul ?

  • shadowclone

    ALL supporters of human governments, including ANY president of either party, is guilty of same.

  • greenhornet

    Soon this covid, afghanistan and gun problem will be all behind us when we have Jehovah's kingdom here on earth.

  • FedUpJW

    He should be prosecuted. He should be jailed.

    You are much more forgiving than I. I believe he should be arrested, tried and convicted, then sentenced to the U.S. military code's penalty for treason during a time of war.


    Nice knowing you all. Maybe I’ll see you in a Labor Camp for the perfectly healthy someday. We can make I-phones together and swap old JW stories!!!

    DD 🥰🥰🥰

  • zachias

    Trump established a veterans hot line staffed by veterans. He created a veterans dept run by veterans or family members to help veterans.Are these still in existence?

    Such is way over due here in Australia with the high suicide rate among ex vets. There has finally been announced a Royal Commission into vets suicides against massive opposition by the govt ie the govt was forced by public opinion and petitions many to hold a royal Commission.

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