So, When Did They Stop Singing?

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  • Atlantis

    Years after they took up the name "Jehovah's Witnesses", or in 1938, Rutherford decided that singing songs would be deleted, so that an "Introduction Statement" could be announced instead. Rutherford felt that singing songs often expressed things that were out of harmony with God's kingdom.

    Rutherford said:

    A few words like the above pronounced at the beginning of the study would be far more beneficial than to occupy the same time in singing songs, which often express much that is out of harmony with the truth of and concerning God's kingdom.

    So, what was this opening statement that Rutherford wanted announced before every meeting?

    Back then, they had what was called: Order Of Study, and this is what every overseer was instructed to say to the audience.

    Then two minutes might well be devoted to such at the beginning of all meetings for study, and if the one presiding has not the appropriate words at hand he might well repeat in substance or read the following, to wit:

    "We are now in the time of great peril. Satan the Devil, the opposer of God and the enemy of man, has brought all the woe, sorrow and suffering upon the world, and the end of his organization and his wicked reign is now at hand. The great crisis has arrived because Jehovah, the Almighty God, has enthroned Christ Jesus, his King and Rightful Ruler of the world, and who will bring order out of confusion and will bestow blessings upon those who worship God in spirit and in truth. Soon he will destroy the wicked and will fully vindicate Jehovah's name. All the peoples of earth are now being separated by the Lord into two classes. Every person, therefore, must be in oneof such classes. Those on the Lord 's side, and who are obedient to him, are called 'sheep', while those who remain with the Devil and his organization are designated as 'goats'. Armageddon, which is near at hand, will witness the destruction of the 'goats'. The 'sheep', or obedient ones, will find protection and salvation in the Lord. All the obedient ones must be witnesses to the name and to the kingdom of Jehovah God, and in this witness work the anointed must take the lead, and all who love God and his kingdom must follow in the same way. God has commanded that just preceding Armageddon a world-wide witness must be given among the nations to the people of good will, that they may be warned of what is about to come to pass and that they may flee to the kingdom as the only place of safety. This assembly of God's people is here to study a portion of his Word that we may be better equipped to follow his instructions. Let everyone, including all the children, feel and appreciate the importance and solemnity of this occasion and of this study and be alert and diligent to gain as much information as possible, which will enable them to prove their integrity toward Jehovah and to serve his kingdom. What we learn here at the Lord's hand we should, at the appropriate time, go forth and make known to others, that the name of Jehovah may be declared and made known in the earth. Let all keep in mind that the Almighty God, the Creator of heaven and earth, has provided the kingdom, which is the sole hope of the peoples of earth, and that our greatest privilege is now to gain a knowledge, understanding and an appreciation of our relationship to God and his kingdom, and to make known his great name and his kingdom. To this end we will now pursue our study."

    That statement was to be announced before every meeting instead of singing songs.

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  • neat blue dog
    neat blue dog

    What a joke

  • St George of England
    St George of England

    Well Atlantis, they certainly didn't mention that in this week's video "The Gift of Song Part 2". When you want to know the full story instead of the redacted version, we know where to come!

    Thank you


  • Atlantis

    neat blue dog:

    I agree!


    St George of England:

    I understand that as soon as Rutherford kicked-the-bucket, they all started singing again. JW's did not agree with Rutherford's interpretation.

    There are a lot of JW's out there right now that don't agree with some of the information coming from the governing body. Such as: You must get vaccinated and so forth Overlapping generation, are they kidding? I have seen cartoons that made more sense. Who will and who will not be resurrected. And the list goes on and on.

    Thousands of JW's remain "only" because they want to keep peace in their family and not lose everything they have.


  • road to nowhere
    road to nowhere

    They used to sing hymns. Then moved away from any church songs that had " connections" to Babylon the great.

    Now the piano is gone, any likeable melody is rewritten ( butchered), and any poetic structure is redone as it may sound "kingjamesey".

    Any multilingual? I question translating the songs and keeping the meter, rhyme, and sentiment over a hundred languages

  • Atlantis

    road to nowhere:

    Thank you!


  • badcompany

    They've had Michael Jackson, Prince, Glen Campbell and others in the fold and yet they have the most unfathomably bad songs. I only go to funerals at the KH and every time, I'm like, Jebus Crimony these songs are bad.

  • asp59
    Most of old testament is abouth singing in tempel. Meetings in new testament were all abouth singing. Shows they took very wrong decision tru the years. Base on taste only. Probable worst decision was putting Gods name on org. Bet Rutherford was behind it.
  • smiddy3

    You learn something everyday on this forum thank you Atlantis.

  • BluesBrother

    Why is it not surprising that JFR wanted to ban singing and music? He wanted to stop birthdays, Mother’s Day and most pleasureable things , except Whisky and nice cars for himself!

    The really old , pre Rutherford songs were pretty gutsy , passionate, and often cribbed from hymn tunes. Once on the website they did a “look back “ video and it was someone singing Watchtower words but to the unmistakable tune of John Brown’s Body.

    In my distant youth , the old green songbook had some favourites. They were tougher, anti Satan, anti the Church and tunes that stuck in your mind. We used to raise the Kingdom Hall roof , with dear old Sister Nellie pounding away at the piano......

    Todays offerings are bland , pathetic nonentities.

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