Do You Support Cubans Protesting Against Communism?

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  • frozen2018

    I'm not sure what is meant by "support." Do I send the protesters money and weapons? No. Do I post Tweets or use other social media in support of the cause? No. Do I go stand on a local street corner with a placard of some sort? No. I do hope the events in Cuba do not end badly for those involved.

  • minimus

    Support can simply mean you agree with them.

  • road to nowhere
    road to nowhere

    Maybe they should wave Chinese flags, or Venezuela or Mexico

  • MeanMrMustard

    Anything that can't last, won't.

  • Rocketman123

    I support the revolutionaries for its about time Cuba joined the rest of the world in democracy and open unregulated capitalism.

  • LV101

    US gov't (Biden) needs to flip the WiFi switch on for quick view of the Cuban horrors on its people. Wonder why he won't - right!

    Per Senator Rick Scott by turning the internet back on the Castro regime is DONE! They've no cell connections/internet - what a concept for the commies. Dictators isolate/shun like the cult WT. Don't think it can't happen here when threats are being made re/censoring our text messages re/the jabs. Oops - maybe it is in place here pitting the vax'd vs. the unvax'd - political parties/religions, lockdowns making it difficult for communication for facts/reality and the sheeple to uprise. Just the baby steps here, of course.

    Left isn't interested in helping the desperate Cuban populace. Cubans are most likely to be conservatives, love the capitalistic system of the US and appreciate its values.

    The Cubans have been under one of the most oppressive, evil, systems. They're hungry, have no medication - the Castros pocket several billions off the Americans which does not benefit the citizens. It's horrific.

  • LV101

    rtn - Exactly! Wave those flags and sport the Biden teeshirt and you're HERE w/handouts/housing/assistance. Chartered flights will pick them up in Cuba (as is being done in Mexico) and transport them to various cities.

  • OnTheWayOut

    Cuba has been a dictatorship since communism took over. Cuba has many Soviet-era automobiles and many newer Asian-import vehicles, particularly buses and trucks. In 2015, the Cuban government opened the first public wi-fi hotspots in 35 public locations. It also reduced prices and increased speeds for internet access at state-run cybercafes. Less than 18 months later, nearly 40% of the population was on the internet. So that is so recent. As time has eroded the dictatorship and some Cubans have tasted a tiny bit of what the rest of the world is like, they fully realize that they have virtually no freedom to disagree with their government nor change their government. They probably found out that many poor people in backwards countries have more freedom than they do, or a better ability to acquire modern technology.

    Cuba embraces a black market society where commerce takes care of people in ways that the government has failed. So, if the people finally are able to stand up in protest to such a failed government, of course I support them.

  • minimus

    Otwo, we agree! Wow 😮

  • Disillusioned JW
    Disillusioned JW

    I approve of people protesting the abuses and incompetencies of their government(s), whether it is the government of Cuba, Gaza, Israel, China, Russia, France, Ireland, the U.K., USA, or of any other government - including what the Bible calls the theocratic government of Jehovah God during biblical times. Period! It also includes the 'government' of the WT over JWs.

    I also approve of people protesting the abuses and incompetencies of the political system they live under, whether it is fascism, communism, socialism, democracy, republicanism, theocracy (so called), etc. Period!

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