If I've been testy lately, here's why.

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  • cappytan

    My parents are visiting for not-Thanksgiving.

    Dad started bringing up spiritual stuff and I almost screwed up my fade.

    It's so hard to have a genuine discussion about the issues in the organization when you have become an atheist. It feels icky and disgusting to have to pretend and nod your head at such platitudes as "You just need to have faith"..."trust in Jehovah"..."Jehovah will correct it"..."Remember Ray Franz? Jehovah took care of him and corrected things...just wait on Jehovah."

    It feels impossible to keep pretending that I'm just having some doubts when there's no doubt at all in my mind anymore about the organization.

    So maddening.


  • brandnew

    Cappy........ooooooh cappy.......did you say...."icky"? 😂

    Oooooh dang.........pbsssssssst. So just tell pops the troof, and get it over with..... How long is a fade supposed to last anyway? Stop wasting time at meetings, or trying to impress your parents. Impress your wifey, and kids.....they will show you unconditional love for it. and you wont feel . . icky☺

  • Crazyguy
    I too have noticed you being testy, was thinking of sending you a pm to stop being an ass, jk,
  • Village Idiot
    Village Idiot

    "Remember Ray Franz? Jehovah took care of him and corrected things..."

    I could handle all of those platitudes but not that one. It would blow my lid off to hear Ray Franz insulted like that.

  • Spectre

    Must be maddening.

    How does he think that jehovah took care of Ray and what was corrected?

  • cappytan
    VI: it was all I could do not to blow up. I had to end the conversation after that on the pretense of it being late.
  • cappytan
    How does he think that jehovah took care of Ray and what was corrected?

    I was complaining about Morris and dad said Tony was a loose cannon and that if he doesn't straighten up, Jehovah will deal with him. He brought up Ray Franz as an example of a Governing Body member going bad. It was so hard to nod and go along so the conversation would end sooner.

  • Finkelstein

    A little bit of advise if I may .

    I've been out the Borg for 30 years now and still have half of my family as active JWS,

    Whenever the JW talk comes up I just kinda smile and say that's nice, there is kind of mutual respect that has developed over the years within my family. A good portion of that mutual respect is created by being respectfully neutral or non confrontational.

    Now this may not happen to everyone's family but I think it is viable means to stay affectionately connected to your family that are devoted to this religion.

    The time will come when its known that your not interested in this religion/faith anymore what happens after this as far as your relationship with your JW family members is dependent to how you handle your fade out.

    Hint.... go quietly but with determination and confidence, who knows maybe someone else may be right behind you.

  • the girl next door
    the girl next door

    Apology accepted Cappy. I'm sorry you have this strife. Keep your chin up.

  • angel.face

    I agree with Finkelstein. Fade slow..as neutrally as possible.

    I totally understand your frustration. During my exit I became rather agnostic in my views and some of the JW stuff just became absurd to me. Once you see that the emperor wears no clothes it's difficult to pretend that he does. But considering long-term consequences...you may just want to nod and smile.

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