Revised NWT released in Spanish

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    @Tenatious: "No, LOL, that's actually John Goodman from the film "The Gambler" with Mark Wahlberg. Very good movie. I liked his character and his demeanor. Great actor. Wahlberg also did a good job."

    Thanks for letting me know that. Now I can rest a bit better knowing that you are not as mean looking as your avatar photo hints at. Lol. It shows how far off I am from the latest in Hollywood, since I see more foreign series overall.

    @smiddy3: The word for word Translation of The Christian Greek Scriptures published by the WTB&TS in 1969 read "In beginning the word was,and the word was with God and the word was God." NWT. KI.

    Not quite, because the KIT translation between the lines read instead: "In beginning was the Word, and the Word was toward the God, and god was the Word."

    The small g in clause c was intended to show that it was a predicate noun extolling qualitativeness, and this qualitative factor (i.e. divine) is accepted grudgingly by many, if not the majority of scholars today, such as Daniel B. Wallace, professor of New Testament Studies at Dallas Theological Seminary. These scholars accept the notion that the predicate noun (god, divine) in the clause is a description of the substantive. The predicate noun in small g lacks the article in the clause, and is said to be toward the God in the previous clause. Hence the need for a distinction between the two nouns. Verse 2 repeats this message for emphasis. Thus, the quote as you presented it is misleading, since it conveys the opposite of what the translators intended. Wishing you good!

  • smiddy3

    2000+ years after Jesus Christs death humans are still arguing debating about language and interpretations of scripture that is supposedly the word of God to Humankind .

    Are we for real ? God gave ,for the better term, mankind his written word 2000+ years ago for the benefit of mankind to gain salvation because he doesn`t want any to be destroyed . right ?

    Are you kidding me ? Why did he give these messages instructions 2000 years ago in what amounts to dead languages now that need to be interpreted by linguists skilled in foreign languages .? And by imperfect men who may have their own agenda .?

    Why doesn`t he speak now with all of the modern technology that`s available world wide and we wouldn`t have all of the confusion / debates about his word and what he wanted to convey to us in the first place ?

    Why has he been so silent now ? Isn`t this the best time in human history to speak up now ?

  • Wonderment


    You pose solid questions all the time. I don't pretend to have the answers.

    The whole situation becomes a test of faith. I sometimes wonder if God allows such situations in order to reveal who has real faith. But the Bible is like no other book. It has inmense value for all mankind.

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