Why a drop of over 3,700 publishers in the Democratic Republic of Congo?

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  • Vidiot

    freddo - "Why a drop of over 3,700 publishers in the Democratic Republic of Congo?"

    Internet penetration? :smirk:

  • mana11

    African Witnesses are leaving the Org,,, expect more downward results...


  • dropoffyourkeylee

    I was looking at the figures last night and it looks more like the 2014 figures were overstated. I question the accuracy of their totals from year to year.

  • dropoffyourkeylee

    After I got home from work, I looked at the last few years 'average publishers' for Congo DR:

    year average publishers percent increase
    2010 151,842
    2011 161,298 6.2%
    2012 163,349 1.3%
    2013 174,687 6.9%
    2014 180,343 3.2%
    2015 176,585 -2.1%
  • Wayward

    Always possible the numbers were fudged in the first place. More likely fighting forced people to flee the country for a safer one, causing a sharp drop in one country and a sudden rise in another. When the situation becomes a bit better, people will start going home and there could be a spike in reported publishers. Just a guess though.

  • shepherdless

    Hi dropoffyourkeelee,

    I think there is more to it, than that. Here is your table, with the number of baptised added as an extra column:

    2010 151,842 10,711

    2011 161,298 6.2% 11,593

    2012 163,349 1.3% 10,668

    2013 174,687 6.9% 19,501

    2014 180,343 3.2% 11,052

    2015 176,585 -2.1% 10,274

    Over the same period, population increased by 13% but publisher numbers increased by 16%.

    If the figures are to be believed, what they seem to show is that over the past few years, they are very good at baptizing people, but poor at retaining them. Last year, baptisms were a little down and retention was even worse. If the figures were fudged, they were probably fudged every year.

    My bet is that it is a retention issue.

    Also, for logistical and geographical reasons, I don't think a significant number could have gone across a border, to (for example) Angola. It is a very big country in both area and population. May be a few, but not 10% or more.

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