Do JWs Really Bother You?

by minimus 16 Replies latest jw friends

  • Phizzy

    I am not bothered, if I run in to any I exchange small talk.

    My JW family now treat me almost as they would a family member that had never been a JW, of course they know I understand the JW "language" so still use that a bit, but no religious talk really.

    I think I have made life easier for myself by throwing down the challenge to several Elders on different occasions to prove to me that what they now preach is the "truth", of course none have even attempted this, but the JW Gossip Mill has warned JW's not to call on me, and of course they are wary in conversation, as I said above.

    Eventually I think most of you guys will get to the same point as me, the insignificant little Cult of the JW's really doesn't matter.

  • minimus

    I called an elderly jw friend of my mom's to see how she was faring. Talked for about 5 minutes and noticed her jw talk and language. I was amused by it .😏

  • tiki

    No problem here...although I do get annoyed with the rare knock on the door...but it is so so infrequent. It has to be much more of an issue for those with close family members In the religion....I do have a handful of good dub relatives in...but they wouldn't speak to us even when we were still in, so there no loss there....

  • LV101

    " . . . he (me) knows what he needs to do" is verbatim what an ex-Morman workman in my home recently told me his parents say. I asked if he's shunned like the GB demands the witnesses to do (even though they profess otherwise? - everyone in every mall and hotel in this city knows from working with JWs) and he said to a certain extent. He's treated 'differently' than his other 3 siblings who are brainwashed Mormans. He left the religion when he was 18 -- in his mid 40s now and he and his family relationship has not improved. It's not as bad as the JW shunning. Nothing unique about these cults - they're all the same monkey see monkey do just varying degrees. Sad, indeed.

  • Ding

    My reaction is sadness at seeing so many people who are convinced that they are pleasing God by obeying whatever a small group of men tell them.

  • LongHairGal


    They don't bother me in the sense they are breaking my door down or otherwise pestering me. I have only one active JW as a friend and we don't see each other that often.

    I am bothered though by the fact this person is either clueless or not caring about what's wrong with the religion. I'm also generally bothered by the fact JWs in general have selective memory loss. There are younger people there who never went through what I went through and could never relate.

    The religion thinks it's going to silently reinvent itself as time goes on and people are supposed to just go along with it and keep quiet. Even though I'm out this aspect of it all irritates me whenever I'm reminded of it.

    I really just despise it all, them and their hypocrisy and denials!

  • baker

    Lately I seem to have more pity for them, than being bothered. Most of them just parrot the same phrase over and over, such as "waiting on Jehovah". When a stranger says "Happy Mothers day", the most they can say is "thank you", I think that is pitiful, rather than be cordial and return the small talk, they are trained to just deflect these niceties and ignore the other human,s thoughtfulness.

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