go fund me for help those who are shunned

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  • GrreatTeacher

    I know there are 18 year old kids that get kicked out of their homes with no money, no education, not much of a job, no friends, no connections, no soft skills like interactions with non JWs, feeling devastated emotionally and having no place to go.

    Yes, those people could be helped by having enough money to find housing and transportation. They would also likely benefit from a social worker who might be able to find funding for these things, and maybe even medical insurance because they'll need lots of therapy to get over the profound and disorienting shock of having one's whole life turned upside down and now there's a new reality with rules and requirements that are unknown and unprepared for.

    I think the most important thing would be to find them housing for a few months, to have somewhere safe to start making plans for education and jobs and transportation.

    Giving someone 3 months rent seems like a good place to start, then sticking around and helping them navigate the social services system and the college financial aid system and then find a supplemental job.

    You see, they would need a mentor/mentee relationship and it would need to last for a significant amount of time, a year or more, I would think.

    Is that doable? Maybe. But, it would be like starting a charity, and there are rules regarding that as well. Would you have to do fundraising?

    And who gets to apply? Only teenagers being kicked out? Older women facing dissolution of marriages?

    And how would you choose? Would you put others on a waiting list?

    So many questions. Yes, I see that some people have a definite need for help in the form of money, but what are the details? How do you make it happen?

  • Simon

    I don't understand how this would work for several reasons:

    Normal crowd funding is usually for a very specific thing (usually someone with a story), not a 'general fund' for a concept.

    How would the existence of funds be promoted?

    How would applicants for funds be vetted and checked to be legitimate? It's the internet - expect every scammer to come sniffing ...

    Why do people who are shunned need money & how does money help them? "My family shuns me", "OK, here, have $20" (?)

    I totally understand people wanting to help others if they can. I think for shunning the best way to help would be if people made themselves available time-wise to offer local practical help and support on a personal level, so maybe arranging meet-ups etc...

  • Nathan Natas
    Nathan Natas

    Maybe Randy Watters' scam-artiste movie-maker friend can resurrect his grifter plan to open a charitable hostel/hotel/halfway-house for shipwrecked JWs? All he needs is a few hundred thousand dollars to get his balls rolling...

    "Better a stinking rat-hole you know than a stinking rat-hole you don't know," right?

  • poopie

    That's what I love about us you can do what you want within the law without anyone's permission some of you sound like freaking control freaks did you learn that from the pharisees. You can't tell me who to help or how to help . If I want to help the family's of those that I want to help why should you care you should say thank you for helping.

  • poopie

    Some of the money is used to send them to psychiatrist to help cope with being shunned. I've already given money and help to the shunned and I'm happy to do it haters they gona hate. DON'T HATE CONGRATULATE.

  • poopie

    One guy who is shunned I got him a honda accord because no one in kh would help him his car was broken is that ok with the pharisees.


    One guy who is shunned I got him a honda accord because no one in kh would help him his car was broken is that ok with the pharisees......Poopie

    Pharisees ride donkeys..


    ....................BUY ME A NEW ASS!!..

    Image result for pharisees.

  • punkofnice

    Is there anyone in particular you have in mind?

  • Simon

    So your opening post is literally asking us "what do you think?" and then you castigate us when we tell you?

    Most people just came up with questions around how things would work and what you were envisaging. Surely that is the point of asking people what they think - so they can think of issues that maybe you haven't?

    Or did you just want applause? If so, clap, clap ... well done ... bravo. Happy now?

  • EndofMysteries

    I'm being shunned. I do accept checks, money orders, and paypal. Would you like to give me a one time or monthly stipend?

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