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  • James Mixon
    James Mixon

    After watching the documentary on Warren Jeffs there are some folks that will never

    walk. The guy admitted he was not a prophet, a lier and and fake. So what did his followers

    say, "it wasn't him that said those things on camera. He told his faithful, Satan made him say those things.


  • _Morpheus
    They have people believing that generations overlap for god sake.... There is nothing they can say that at least some wont follow.
  • punkofnice


    The R&F sit there NOT really listening. Think about it. Since leaving, we know more about the disgusting cult NOW, than we did when we were in. A lot of us blindly accepted it was the 'truth(tm)'....we didn't need proof. We weren't up for debating it.

    Perhaps: "This is a fire drill. Don't make Jehovah(tm) sad by staying in the hall."

  • Vidiot

    Nathan Natas - "This is not a scientific estimate."

    But nor is it an implausible one, either.

  • JW_Rogue
    They have people believing that generations overlap for god sake.... There is nothing they can say that at least some wont follow.

    I disagree, no one actually believes it they are just going along with it. No one in my hall even mentioned Bro. Splanes explanation. The reason is that it makes no sense. I think most Witnesses wish that they would just stop talking about it. Splane thought by acting smart and trying to complicate a simple word definition he could fool people. It didn't happened.

  • OrphanCrow

    Tell them that they will grow old and die. Just like everybody else.

    That should get rid of half of them. The others will stay - the ones that say, "Yeah...but it is still Da Truth." There will always be those who need to believe in something...anything... anybody, as long as they don't have to believe in themselves. There will always be those who are too scared of themselves to leave.

  • JW_Rogue
    Tell them that they will grow old and die. Just like everybody else.

    Yeah, I think that or saying that everyone is going to heaven would do it. Maybe recalculating 1914 to 1934 with some reasoning on how 1934 was the real turning point in history. A new Revelation book would be great as I'm sure it would make even less sense than the first one.

  • Half banana
    Half banana

    "Dear Brothers, we have an important announcement to make. The WTBTS has realised that although it has diligently served spiritual food to you all, it now humbly recognises that it misled you. The Bible, we realise, is not the inspired word of God and the WTBTS do not have God's special blessing otherwise we would have made correct date predictions. Immediately the organisation will begin to liquidise all assets and dissolve all legal associations. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your total support and commitment but henceforth there will be no more meetings."

    Even this would only get rid of a large percent of JWs! The rest would re-form under many splinter groups, which are already waiting in the wings, to crank out the old propaganda minus the uncomfortable bits like overlapping, shunning and field service...........

  • Lieu

    Good morning friends,

    Due to the unrelenting government persecution of our brothers worldwide, causing the Society to expend the majority of its finances in legal battles, (Ie we have to pay taxes, minimum wage, unemployment insurance, etc now, no fair) we request that congregations that are able (ie all of you) take in members of Bethel who have been let go along with Special Pioneers and Circuit Overseers; doing so with full gladness of heart. (Insert scripture here) Sadly, we at Bethel, are no longer in a position to see to the needs of so many faithful.

    It is our hope that Congregations will lovingly provide for their food, clothing, and shelter as these fine brothers have been fighting the fine fight for the faith in full time service to Jehovah and are deserving of our mercy. And how happy are the merciful!! (insert scripture here)

    Either something such as this or an outright 'we want you to commit suicide' should get peoples feet moving towards the door.

  • LoveUniHateExams

    what do you think would have to be said from the platform or WT to get people to get up and walk out immediately?

    "Get on your knees and kiss Stephen Lett's ring!"

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