Heaven is ready and prepared for Armageddon - Talk A Morris III

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  • Listener

    And why he doesn't go to the Gym, jog or workout! Also no survivalist mentality is required.

    Deciphering Warship has posted a Youtube of part of the speech given by the one and only, Anthony Morris the III at last years Imitate Jesus Convention.

    Deciphering Warship makes this comment

    Governing body member Anthony Morris Demonized preparing for this disaster by building such a bunker or (bomb shelter)going so far, as to warn even against stocking up food. Then turns around and says that THEY have safe places in case a (storm) comes in..

    He claims that they don't have bomb shelters, they are only safe places in case of a storm. However, he calls Armageddon a storm.

  • Chook

    I can't believe I waisted 2 minutes of my life watching that man.

  • zeb

    so its ok to have a "safe" bunker/cellar whatever but don't keep any food in it. ?

  • Listener

    He believes he is guaranteed of God's protection but teach that the other sheep (personally) are not and yet still tells them that being fit, having a survival plan/safe place or a supply of food and water is not necessary. It's no wonder Kevin had ideas of his own.

    W12 7/15

    In what ways can God protect the great crowd?
    14 Jehovah has promised to help, protect, and save his people as a group, and we believe that he will keep his promise.
    (Revelation 7:9, 14) So God will protect that great crowd by not allowing anyone to destroy all his people during the last days of this system.
  • zeb

    "all"...? and "the last days of the system".. which will take how long? This is not the big A depicted so often in wt publications.

    What of the jw that were destroyed by the Nazis who possibly (my emph) would not have been but for loudmouth Rutherford who assailed the Nazi leadership from the safety of the US and got them rounded up.

  • EndofMysteries

    They did some math and if only 1 million members donate money, having the few dollars they can save up from no education and opportunities, they figured if they spent (very conservatively) $50, $300, $500 on stocking up or preparing for disaster, that's 50 million, 500 million, maybe more that could instead go to their pockets in donations since nobody in the borg has money and scraps by. So don't work out (gym membership= $50 monthly donations instead), or build a shelter and stock up (instead give us your emergency money and you'll be magically protected).

  • smiddy

    Doesn`t his talk contradict the bunker video ? I`m confused

  • atomant

    He sounds like hes on drugs.

  • freddo

    I'm sorry to say I think he really believes his own words.

    Anyway a little thought ...

    When the Big A hits he says - with a sweeping gesture - the anointed "whoosh" are gone!

    So an earthly survivor stood there next to him won't know if AM3's lifeless corpse is the result of his being destroyed at Armageddy or his being taken up to rule with JC, Mad Freddy, Ted J. and others of the same overlapping generation that would "by no means pass away"?

  • Brokeback Watchtower
    Brokeback Watchtower

    What a delusional ass wipe this guy is. Just obey us cause we got all the answers fills this genus' empty skull. What a real creepy guy is all I can say.

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