Injustice In India Over National Anthem

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  • Iown Mylife
  • Iown Mylife
    Iown Mylife

    I thought this was interesting, the court fights going on all over the world, trying to protect Jehovah's people from having to respect national anthems.

    This takes money folks, so please give generously to fight Satan's plan to make people love their country.

  • Listener

    From the linked article -

    The latest move by the Jehovah’s Witnesses will seek to overturn the apex court’s order on November 30, 2016, that all cinema halls in India would play the national anthem before the feature film starts.

    The simple solution, rather than expensive court battles would be for JWs refraining from putting themselves in a compromising situation in the first place - don't go to the cinemas.

  • sparrowdown

    Of all the injustices worth going into battle for all over the globe like human rights etc and WT is bleeting over a song .... I mean a song FFS!

    I've said it before and I'll say it again it's as if the whole JW religion was concocted as a massive ongoing social experiment.


    The latest move by the Jehovah’s Witnesses will seek to overturn the apex court’s order on November 30, 2016, that all cinema halls in India would play the national anthem before the feature film starts. This order also made it mandatory for all present in the hall “to stand up to show respect to the national anthem” as part of their “sacred obligation”.

    How much will Watchtower spend on something that stupid?.....As much as it takes..


    How about food and shelter for the poor in India?!!..


  • dubstepped

    At one time the teaching was that you could stand here in the USA. You didn't put your hand over your heart or sing the song, but standing was part of showing respect. Sometimes I think they're just being contrarian for contrarian's sake. They just like forcing their views on others, going against the grain so to speak.

  • Listener

    They view a national anthem in the following way

    A national anthem is, in effect, a hymn or a prayer in behalf of a nation

    W 2002 9/15 explains some of their reasoning (rather than leaving it to an individual's conscience -

    When national anthems are played, usually all a person has to do to show that he shares the sentiments of the song is to stand up. In such cases, Christians remain seated. If they are already standing when the national anthem is played, however, there is no need for them to take the special action of sitting down. It is not as though they had specifically chosen to stand for the anthem. On the other hand, if a group are expected to stand and sing, then merely standing up out of respect but not singing would not constitute sharing in the sentiments of the song.

    They are right in saying that a person who stands up when their national anthem is being played is showing that he shares the sentiments of the song but they are not right in claiming that all who do so would be demonstrating these sentiments. Obviously new immigrants or those not even speaking the language could not do so. Then there are those who simply don't support it but do so rather than causing conflict or disrespect. Then there are those who do so simply to comply with the laws requiring them to stand and for no other reason.

    The law does not state that by standing during the playing of the national anthem constitutes their support for the song, therefore the org. is wrong in claiming that, in effect, it does.
  • Steel

    I always thought that jws stood just to be respectful but just didn't sing.

    It really sad that Christian charities do outreach work in these poor nations while these shitheads just file pointless lawsuits.

    Now who are the ambassadors of christ

  • Hairtrigger

    "Our patriotism can never be in doubt."

    These bastards do nothing for the poor in that country. They won't fight in wars to defend their country. They won't respect the countries laws if it clashes with their I'll founded cultic doctrines . They won't respect the national flag or show patriotic pride by singing the National Anthem.How the fcuk do they come up with being "patriotic"? Are they trying to brainwash the judicial system of that country too? Hell Indian Judiciary! Wake up to the fact that these are parasites in every country they exist in. Throw their concocted doctrines out of court and let them do follow the laws of the country like everyone else.!!!

  • LoveUniHateExams

    Love the way WT says that a national anthem is a hymn or a prayer for the nation.

    Making it all religious and then attacking it for being part of 'false religion', no doubt.

    What about atheists and antitheists? Some of these are as patriotic as religious people, and sing their country's national anthem with gusto.

    India's position is reasonable - playing the anthem before a cinema movie isn't exactly fascism.

    The WT likes to make a mountain out of a molehill, doesn't it?

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