Germany in charge of all treasury for Europe

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  • tiki

    They...the financial overseers of the WT are crooks plain and simple. This move of money is interesting and if Britain demands more transparency for charities (which is a misnomer in this case) and Germany has a considerably different accounting/financial structure and they are positioning themselves to take over far more in the global money market....well the WT is being managed behind the scenes by the very ones they outwardly deem the enemy.

  • Slidin Fast
    Slidin Fast

    Is it a coincidence that this happens just as hundreds of millions of £ worth of North London property is about to be realised? If the system remained as it is, the whole amount would be spot-lighted in the CC accounts.

    Now, it will disappear in a puff of nu-lite.

  • OrphanCrow

    The WTS has been preparing for this for some time now.

    In 2014, the UK branch transferred in excess of 16 million pounds to the German branch, up from less than one million in 2013...

  • Gayle

    Seems if the WT can find a 'printing' source that works cheaper for them, then I think eventually they may find a cheaper or comparable 'shipping' source to be better or cheaper overall. Actually, the WT could just tell the congs. to pay for the shipping directly themselves. That would be fair and congs. would/should be watchful of not just throwing away paper.

    Then, since any remaining Bethelites are being told to cook their own meals and do their own cleaning and laundry, that leaves just the need for the service dept (supervisory)., writing, and Legal Dept. oh yeah, and tv (& cartoon) dept. Of course, there will still be the demand for donations as much as ever.

  • konceptual99

    Interesting OC. I'd not noticed that from the accounts so it's a good catch.

  • konceptual99

    Which also makes you wonder what the Chelmsford plans were about at all? Did they think it was all going to Germany from day one or was the construction put on hold whilst a plan about printing and outsourcing was formulated and actioned?

    Right now we only a little to go on. We have a letter and some rumour. I hope it's not too long before we get some concrete info one way or the other but it all makes sense and has the "ring of truth"...

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