Germany in charge of all treasury for Europe

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  • sp74bb

    According to our sources, Germany Bethel will take in charge all treasuries for all Europe starting Sept 1st.

    Each Bethel will deliver the funds as a Donation to German legal entity.

    Gold ages for IBSA and other entities in EU are over :)

  • bohm
    One wonders how few bethelites they actually can do with at the "satelite" bethels when all printing, distribution, finances, etc. are collected at the german bethel.
  • jookbeard

    must a lot of noses out of joint and sour faces from the heavyweights of the UK Bethel, good, I hope they suffer,they've ruled that place in a dreadful manner over the decades. The question remains though what is the real purpose that Chelmsford is going to be used for? a retirement home? purely residential ?

  • sp74bb

    It is the financial apocalypse:)

  • Room 215
    Room 215

    "must a lot of noses out of joint and sour faces from the heavyweights of the UK Bethel"

    So I guess we can figure out how they're going to vote on the Brexit referendum!

  • Slidin Fast
    Slidin Fast

    The UK is one of the few countries that enforces full financial reporting for charities. This may mean that with a bit of fancy footwork, the financial structure will become as obscure as everywhere else. We may never know how many millions are made in swapping well-heeled Mill Hill for the contaminated scrap yard of Essex.

  • Lostandfound

    Are "dedicated funds" going to vanish into the melting pot. As slidinfast notesCharities Commission require disclosure of details , sending UK building funds to another country questionable at the least. I am writing to the CC to advise them of this possible move.

  • konceptual99

    I doubt the CC will be that bothered. There is nothing in the CC rules and regulations that prevent a charity in the UK send funds to other charities abroad. They have been doing it for years already with UK donations propping up NY and other branches.

    I think this move, if true, will be down to a combination of factors. Key will be the need for Germany to have enough money to support the centralisation of the printing. Also they could be looking to hide funds and reduce the financial footprint of the organisation in the UK. They may also be pre-empting any possible exit from the EU and how that may affect things. Last, but not least, I do think they are running scared about possible CC investigations into the tax affairs of the org in the UK. This is both directly from the CC but also potentially from a royal commission type investigation into child abuse.

    The funny thing is that the UK branch has considered itself really special for years and years with obnoxious, self important and puffed up leaders imagining that they were untouchable. The delight at the thought of the rug being pulled from under them is great!

  • joe134cd

    Konceptual99= I have no doubt that the charities commision investigation has got some bearing on this. The thing I can't understand is why move to another location which will soon also be investigating Wt handling of sex abuse and liability. It would be interesting to know what the German XJW sites have to say about this.

  • konceptual99

    Just for clarity.... I think that the possibility of a CC investigation into the real charitable status and tax affairs of the British branch is a real concern, especially in the context of poor perceptions around the handling of child sex abuse cases. I am just not sure that they will be that bothered by the transfer of funds to another charity in itself as that is within the rules.

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