Gog of Magog - Watchtower says it has two identities

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  • ttdtt

    The GB like the catch phrase of "Coalition" that got used by GW after 9/11.

    And "Coalition of nations" provides GREAT cover for them to year by year make some country or group of countries the "ones" attacking doGs people.

    It is so obvious that the UN aint gonna attack anyone.

    Even when I was all in I thought that was as likely as the Good Humor Man attacking world religion.

  • pixel

    Gog of Overlapping of Magog.

    What a pile of nonsense.

  • Finkelstein

    Have I lost anyone?

    Not at all, you just shown the stupidity of the leaders of this relgoius organization, they are poorly educated and delusional in their attempts decipher the ancient mythological writings in the bible.

    So you have a situation of ignorant people teaching and professing their ignorance to others.

  • JW_Rogue

    Yes, they switched to coalition of nations because the idea that the UN is major player on the world scene is too ridiculous. I found it funny that by changing a linking verb from "of" to "and" you get a totally different group in a different time period. In both cases there is zero evidence to support their speculation, they don't even really know what the original fulfillment was supposed to have been. Yet, they presume to know the larger meaning, LOL

  • Spiral

    This kind of s**t made my head hurt when I was in..... now it's just beyond ridiculous.

  • Steel

    Essentially they are just teaching what made in America evangelical Christians have been teaching just replacing themselves with the modern day state of Israel.

    Has anyone else had people in their congs leave to pioneer in Israel?

    Man its pathetic devoting your life to converting jews into jehovah witnesses so you can put them in harms way to fulfill some kind of watchtower dogma. I really hope Israel bans them just like Russia did.

  • Vidiot

    I prefer the Marvel "Mojoverse" identites.

  • sparrowdown

    Coaliton of Nations sounds a bit globalist to me, but I spose they need to keep the cult lingo current-ish.

    Meanwhile in other news armageddon will be the first Purge and after the thousand years will come the second Purge.

  • Meshech

    Some say that this is mainly northern European powers lead by Russia, who have been persecutors of dispersed Israel. This appears to be about the last mad attempt to exterminate the remnant of Israel in Jerusalem.

  • Bobcat

    Gog of Magog is from the MT , Gog and Magog is from the LXX

    Gog of Magog is an individual who gathers a coalition of nations. Ezek 38:7

    In the opening portion of Ezek 38 in the LXX Gog and Magog are led by a ruler named Rhos (thought to be the LXX mistranslation of the word head as in head chieftain. The LXX gets a little more confusing as one reads further in the chapter due to this.

    If the reference in Rev 20:8 is an allusion to the LXX rendering it makes sense of the context: the people misled make up Gog and Magog and the devil fulfills the role of Rhos.

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