Port St. Lucie, FL Elder facing charges of sexual battery on child, lewd and lascivious behavior

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  • James Jack
    James Jack

    A family member just confirmed all the details revealed here. I'm surprised this story did not get more National attention. All efforts were made to keep Jehovah's name out of this, I was told, and they have done a good job at that!

    How can the wife not go public with this? 4 years of Sexual Abuse on your Pre-teen girl. I would be sick to the core. OMG, Where is the outrage? How can those in that Congregation look in the eyes of that family and not ask for blood? How did the Holy Spirit allow this Elder, give talks on the Convention and Circuit level for 4 years, while this Sexual Pervert committed these continuous sexual acts on an innocent child!!! At least the guy is still in jail. But no changes in JW's response to these type of things.

  • ToesUp

    Does anyone know if this guy has had a trial yet?

  • darkspilver
  • ToesUp

    Darkspliver - Thank you so much for the links.

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