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  • DesirousOfChange

    Let me try to put some "good spin" on it --

    Only 50% of the publishers in the Cong were at that CLAM meeting. Half of them won't know who was being "marked" or were not even listening to what was said (snooze). Those that really know you, might have their curiosity stirred about why you are so "dangerous". What do you know that they are missing out on? If you bump into them somewhere, they will likely snoop a little. Be careful to only "plant seeds" and say anything that can be used to "hang you".

    I don't know that we have been officially marked by a talk, but there has been plenty of malicious gossip and we find that when we meet JWs we know (at WalMart or a restaurant, etc), the ones we knew well still chat and "catch up" about their kids and what is going on in life. They seldom ask "what Cong are you attending", because the majority know we are "weak or inactive" and not attending any Cong. The ones that barely speak (or even those that semi-shun us) are the ones that never mattered anyway.

  • steve2

    Brings back depressing memories of how my old local congregation used marking as a way to exclude still-active brothers and sisters they didn’t like from social events and get togethers. It was horribly obvious. This from an organization that claims to be loving towards its own.

  • ToesUp

    "Let's do a round of all their friends and say shit about them because we can't DF them but let's get them treated the same as if they were .... yeah yeah that's a good idea .... stupid mofos! out to just wreck the reputation of any defectors from the org"

    Yep. This is the "message of judgement" WT was referring to in the Bunker video. We are having the same thing done to us by someone who is out to get us. I am sure there is a "smear campaign" out there about us. They funny thing....WE DON'T CARE. We are enjoying life and are free of cult teachings and their arrogant ways. We are happy...we are NO LONGER stuck in an abusive cult. Let em enjoy it. We know we are wonderful people that have a lot to offer others. This love is only given to those who deserve it. Once the JW's run all the "weak" ones out of the org, they will start to devour each other. Grab your popcorn and enjoy the show! lol

  • ToesUp

    My spouse and I have bumped into a few witnesses in public. They have been pleasant. We act SOOOOO happy around them (because we are). Same with family that still speaks to us. Nothing confuses them more! You no longer attend but yet you are happy. How can that be? Slap that big ole smile on your face and be pleasant. It really f's them up! lol

  • joe134cd

    I have so far managed to avoid this situation with my father. Although I have stated to my father that I could never in good concious return to the Org and the reasons for it. To be honest at his age, he is better off left in it. I think he has opened his mouth to the elders, so they are aware of the situation, but so far silence. That my friend is a good thing. I told him last night that it was only out of respect for him and my extended family that I keep my mouth shut.

  • stuckinarut2

    Hi Normalfulla,

    So sorry to hear that you too have been subjected to such inappropriate behaviour.

    Simply knowing that this is completely immoral and unethical behaviour helps to put it into perspective, and deal with it. Yes, it hurts to be spoken of in such negative and hurtful ways by people that we once were so close to. However, such behaviour also helps to reinforce the fact that we have escaped from an abusive cult.

    At the end of the day, if former "friends" will allow their view of you to be affected by gossip, slander and rumours, then this proves that they are NOT healthy people. You don't need them in your lives!

    As @wake me said, we have travelled this road. You are not alone. But believe me, it gets better, as these experiences help us to appreciate the difference between TRUE friends, and mere aquaintances with whom we once shared a common faith.

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