2018 Circuit Assemblies Talk Outlines

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  • zeb

    'Sexting' is destructive and against the law in Australia as many teens have found out to their sorrow when the Police knock at the door.

    One example.

    One teen (a)girl sent a sexted image/s of herself to her..'boyfriend'.

    He of course flashed it to other boys and in no time it was across the school. When the teens at the school harassed her about the matter she created such a story and blamed the nearest mug being a girl (b) she had been friends with for many years. (teen logic.. go figure) Girl (a)was so convincing her parents (Not knowing of the image/s) got her transferred to another school where the image/s followed and then a violent race gang got involved and were all set to beat up girl (b) her former friend. The school admin was useless and about now the Police came into the picture and (a)'s parents found out the truth and were made to look very very stupid as was the school admin for falling for the story and (a)'s litany of lies.

    • result.Huge disruption to the school and at least (b)'s school work and mindset- medication sort by parents.
    • Two families that had known each other for years now want nothing to do with the other.

    (a)'s reputation as a miscreant liar well established and she later left that school for unknown destination.

    Note: Other teens in this country have been charged over this behaviour and found themselves on a registry of sex offenders. Laws vary one country to the next but don't be so stupid if you think sexting doesn't hurt or the recipient 'wont tell' he/she may not but someone else might check their phone...

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