2018 Circuit Assemblies Talk Outlines

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    In case the other page is ever taken down.

  • shadow

    The 2:30 part is about school. Demo about not sexting. Intro says, "**[A Witness teenager named Sarah and a non-Witness classmate named Olivia are standing and talking after school. The speaker explains that Sarah has just received a text with a picture from a boy at school. It is a provocative picture of him at the gym]**" Maybe I'm dumb but what is a "provocative" picture of a guy at the gym? Anthony Weiner/Brett Favre type of pic??? Really seems contrived to me . . .

  • sparrowdown

    Totally contrived and no context. If he was at the gym maybe the dude was just proud of his guns or abs, but how is that sexting? I would have thought to be defined as "sexting" he would have sent a picture of his junk? Maybe WT doesn't know what sexting means.

  • FedUpJW

    Maybe WT doesn't know what sexting means.

    Or maybe the guy is posing in Spanx. (Wild, insane laughter)

  • floridaborn

    She might just get turned on by his nipples gasp

  • respectful_observer

    "The Law of Christ -- Why Superior?"

    FIRST: THE LAW OF CHRIST IS COMPREHENSIVE—COVERING ALL AREAS OF LIVING (10 min.) The law of Christ has far fewer direct commands than the Mosaic Law The law of Christ emphasizes decision-making based on principles Principles are often much broader than laws and may be applied in numerous situations, making them superior to laws Laws tend to be narrower, specific, and may need to be amended or even replaced over time

    Bahaha! Yeah, sure. It's true that the "law of Christ" may have fewer direct commands...but to make up for it, the WTS comes up with as many "laws" that need to be "amended or even replaced" on a regular basis.


  • smiddy

    Jesus never gave us any thing in writing ? Why not ?

    If he was to be the King of the Jews of the first century and the King of the thousand year reign of christ leading into the paradise Earth that JW`s preach surely we should have had first hand from Jesus own mouth what he said ?

    Sorry nothing to see here Zilch

    ,We do not have the words of Jesus to corroborate anything that is attributed to him by any other source.

    The law of Christ ? Everything that is attributed to jesus sayings are second or third hand he never wrote down anything.Whatever Jesus supposedly said is whatever a second or third party claims he said. Its a big stretch of the imagination to claim it is the Law of Christ.

    Moses on the other hand provided the Ten Commandments was an eyewitness and wrote down his experiences

  • konceptual99

    Thanks for that Wifi. Typical bore-fest.

    I did note one thing in one of the talks (can't recall which one now) in a demo where someone talks about making a response to some "lies" on a blog. The other person in the demo tells them to ignore it and not respond to the "lies" once again reinforcing the line that anything critical is (a) untrue and (b) is not even worthy of any investigation.

    So much for being able to exercise personal choice and critical thinking.

  • darkspilver
    shadow: Maybe I'm dumb but

    I think it's like 'grooming' - you don't send a nude first, there's a back-and-forth, with pics getting more and more revealing and explicit

    The demo is set at a school

    I do not know which country you are in. In the UK:.

    DO NOT CONFUSE the age of 'consent' with the age of 'sexting' - they are NOT the same!

    Two 16-year-olds can legally have consensual physical sex - there is NO offence committed.

    BUT a 16-year-old commits an offence if they simply take a sexually explicit photo of themselves on their own phone (it does not even need to be sent to anyone else - a 16-year-old simply having a sexually explicit photo of themselves, taken by themselves, and on their own phone, which no one else has even seen, is an offence.)

    The 16-year-old will then be committing a further offence if they send that image to another child, or to an adult.


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