Why the Bible cannot be the work of an all-wise God that epitomizes love.

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  • Island Man
    Island Man

    Wasanelder Once: Haven't you heard of "tough love"? Sheesh.

    More like trolling. Yahweh is a cosmic troll. LOL.

  • Divergent

    2 Peter 3:9 - God "does not desire anyone to be destroyed but desires all to attain to repentance."

    According to JW reasoning, God "does not desire anyone to be destroyed" but came up with a vague & ambiguous book that he expects people to follow according to the interpretation of a scandal-ridden organization which is just one out of 40,000+ Christian denominations?

    If you are not part of that scandal-filled organization, you will be destroyed at Armageddon together with more than 7 billion other people. If you are part of that organization, you will still be destroyed, if you are "spiritually weak", "not doing enough", "not putting the kingdom first", have a "rebellious attitude", etc...

    So much for not wanting any to be destroyed!

  • Anders Andersen
    Anders Andersen
    Wheres PERRY ?

    Perry acts like his fairy Sky Daddy: all in your face annoying the hell out of you when it suits them, but conveniently disappearing when 'tough' questions are asked...

  • opusdei1972

    I have treated some of this absurdities of the Old Testament in my web page in Spanish.

    However, in some articles I have shown how the lunatic behavior of Yahweh has been cleverly used

    by the Watchtower's leaders so as to get control over the majority of the witnesses. Of course, the jewish

    scribes had the same agenda when invented the personality of this god of cartoons.







  • nowwhat?

    The account that bothered me alot was how yeweh allowed jobs children to be killed to win a bet with Satan. No biggie, they can be replaced Just like cattle.

  • Vidiot

    Hey, back in Biblical times, life was cheap, women were property, and kids were easy to make.

    Stands to reason that Biblical standards would reflect that.

  • David_Jay

    "God is All-Loving, Perfect, God wrote the Bible, God literally commanded the Jews to kill those who once dwelt in Canaan, God commanded slavery, literally asked Abraham to sacrifice Isaac, and the Bible can only be correctly understood if you have Jesus Christ."--Signed Christians and those who believe that their interpretation more accurately represents the God of Abraham than the Jews'.

    Dear Mr. George Lucas:

    Someone taught me that your Star Wars stories were fact and that Jedis were real. I spent my life and money trying to learn the Ways of the Force and praying to Yoda on the hopes he would hear me and grant me powers to defeat the Evil Sith. But it turned out your stories were pure fiction. I blame you for creating these false stories and will spend the rest of my life angrily telling everyone that your works are nothing but pure science fiction! I now hate you and everything Star Wars!--Signed Someone Who Ignored the Fact that George Lucas Said Star Wars Was Only Fiction.


    We hate your God and your Scriptures because we chose to ignore you, the people who wrote them, and listened instead to Christians who told us these stories in the Hebrew Bible were factual history. Even though you taught differently for millennia, we chose to ignore the fact the you probably knew better when you said that these works could not be taken at face value. Therefore we adversely judge your God and your Scriptures, even though it is clearly our fault for going to the Jehovah's Witnesses and Fundamental Christians (who by the way teach you Jews won't and can't be saved) who, ignoring your intentions behind the Bible, taught us that the stories valued by your culture are literal. It is not our fault that we decided to AVOID the source of the Jewish Scriptures and went to cults and Gentiles instead.--Signed It's the Bible's Fault That I Ignored Jewish Thought When I Read the Scriptures.

  • Vidiot

    @ David_Jay...


    "You guys have got it all wrong!

    Your scriptures are all literal (except when it's blatantly impossible, and even then...)!

    We're commandeering the Torah Old Testament for our own purposes and doing it right this time!!!"

  • fukitol

    That was excellent, Island man.

    Coming to realise and accept that the Bible is full of stuff that is absolutely morally repugnant that no 'God of love' would have anything to do with, and that the Bible is therefore clearly nothing more than the word of men (the same as all other ancient 'holy' writings), was the biggest epiphany and liberating experience of my life.

  • Vidiot

    Outlaw - "Day 1)..God creates Light... Day 4)..God creates a Source for the Light...

    Funny, you'd think the guys who combined the two original creation myths that comprise Genesis would have caught that during the editing process... :smirk:

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