What is Happening to Charity? - Jun 1st 2003 Watchtower

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  • proandcon

    I remember years ago a CO smugly say: " Giving to a worldly charity is like putting a bandaid on a terminal cancer patient". I was new and very impressionable then. Even that comment made me wonder ! Now, it's so innane and heartless. It's shocking that some intelligent JW's continue to buy this drivel. Even Jesus went out of his way to help others not part of his following. Why would Jehovah not want all mankind to actually show all forms of love to one another - particularly those in need? The WT position makes no sense from any perspective - except theirs.

  • LoyalLeon
    "When it comes to organized charity, though, we need to be cautious as we evaluate the many appeals we receive...So it is the course of wisdom to examine the facts carefully."

    I don't see this as a blanket condemnation of giving to charities other than JWs but only to make sure that if one decides to give to a charity that the money goes where it says it is intended to go.

    I can only agree with this comment by Kenneson. Formerly there was an outright condemnation of any giving to charities, but this statement is a big step forward, liberating JWs to do what there conscience teaches them to do. Many I know did so anyway and thus welcome this further step towards a more liberal attitude. LL

  • BluesBrother

    In my experience the Borg has never made an outright condemnation of charitable giving, in fact many of us used to do so , in a modest way of course so as not to detract from the "Real answer,Gods Kingdom". The article is , I believe just the same as ever. Casting a slur on charities,despite the excellent work they do. (Incidentally Amnesty International has been known to run campaigns on behalf of imprisoned witnesses, no problem accepting help there)

    This attitude is a gift to those who dont want to give anyway. It makes a good excuse for meanspirited people. I have also heard expressions such as "They will soon die anyway", although not in print of course but it is indicative of the attitude of many dubs

    Of course we need to be selective, I think that is obvious. Nb. I cannot pretend to be a big giver.

    xjw, I think the picture is intended to show someone offering the mags in a market.

  • JH
    This article does not recommend giving to any "worldly" charities. The point of the article is to be charitable to members of the congregation

    What would happen if you would give money to a worldly needs? If elders would find out, you would get a good talk, I'm sure.

    Being charitable to members of the congregation??? When I lost my job years ago, they didn't do anything to help me...while I was always generous with them.

    Bottom line, give all your time and money to the org. Jehovah

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