Why Rational People Buy Into Conspiracy Theories?

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  • LisaRose
    Anyway whether inside job or more to the story or not, it won't change my life so I don't waste time thinking about it since my initial research.
    Yeah, that is the problem. You read the conspiracy theories, believed it and stopped thinking about it. Did you read anything critical of those conspiracy theories? How much fact checking did you do? Do you know the background and motivations of those who are making these accusations? What about them makes you certain they are being honest and have the expertise to analyze these issues? Have you considered your own motivation in buying into this theory? Does the idea that the government is in a vast conspiracy appeal to you for some reason?

    The basic facts of 9/11 have been extensively covered by various government and non government entities, no event in recent memory has been as extensively researched and questioned as much as this event. There were thousands of eyewitnesses to just about every part of it. It's not that it's not impossible that the government might not be capable of lying or covering up if they want to, but the question is, did they in this circumstance? What proof do you have? These are extraordinary claims, for that you need extraordinary proof, not conjecture by people who have no expertise and no proof. If these things were factual, and there was any proof at all, why has not one major media outlet reported on it? What motivation would they have to cover this up? If true, it would be the news story of the century, every reporter in the world would be jumping on it, so why aren't they? Maybe because none of these accusations hold up to scrutiny? Have you considered that?

  • cofty
    Hard SOLID FACTS should proove a conspiracy theory is without foundation. And nothing less. - Rebel

    Conspiracy theories inevitably involve assertions that are literally incredible.

    The onus is on those proposing them to provide the evidence if they have any desire to be taken seriously.

    Conspiracy theorists are the most gullible people on earth masquerading as the opposite.

  • James Mixon
    James Mixon

    Hard Facts, 911. 19 men affiliated with Al Qaeda, 15 0f the 19 were citizens of Saudi Arabia,

    the others were from United Arab Emirates, Egypt and Lebanon.

  • Faithful Witness
    Faithful Witness

    Why do rational people buy into conspiracy theories?

    Great question!

    I am a critical thinker. I am fascinated by conspiracy.

    Conspiracy exists. Government, religious and media propaganda are tools used to control people.

    Just because you're paranoid, it doesn't mean they're NOT out to get you... and so many cover-ups have been exposed by those who have the courage to question authority.

    I agree with these 2 statements:

    The Rebel :

    A) Conspiracy theorists exist because things should be questioned.

    B) Because many conspiracy theories are later proven not insane nonsense, but actually true.

    Looking back to when I was first introduced to the Watchtower propaganda, being asked the question, "What Does the Bible REALLY Teach?"... I think I became more interested in the material, because of the way it made me question my existing religious beliefs. I was challenged to question what I'd been told by my Sunday school teachers and pastors.

    I specifically remember my JW friend asking me, "How does it feel, knowing that you've been LIED to your whole life?"

    I think conspiracy is fueled by emotion, and the desire to prove that you were right all along.

    Everyone has an agenda.

  • Giordano

    In modern times the JFK assassination gave birth to a profitable conspiracy industry. So in large part there is money to be made those who generate a conspiracy.

    Why do people believe....... Apparently Confirmation Bias or the belief that your facts are the correct facts is at play concerning conspiracy issues.

    911 is one of the best demonstrations of that.

    NY Times from the first post.

    the Internet has made things worse. Confirmation bias — the tendency to pay more attention to evidence that supports what you already believe — is a well-documented and common human failing. People have been writing about it for centuries. In recent years, though, researchers have found that confirmation bias is not easy to overcome. You can’t just drown it in facts.

  • adjusted knowledge
    adjusted knowledge

    Thanks, for the comments. I will provide this to my wife. Her paper is an opinion piece.

    My opinion on this subject, is sure there are conspiracies. However the ones in the same category of 911 are not plausible. It is the same argument I've made in the past. Too many people would be involved for it not to be exposed.

    The eye witnesses that saw the plane crash into the pentagon are to be dismissed? The same with all the other various conspiracies that require 100's of people if not 1000s to cover it up.

    BTW you don't need 911 to get the government to spend billions in the military. T

  • Vidiot
  • OneGenTwoGroups
    That feeling of "I'm in the know", "I got it figured out", is very appealing to a person with low self-esteem and a lack of success in life, love, and/or money.
  • OneGenTwoGroups
    My "favorite" is chem trails. Makes me LOL.
  • BluesBrother
    My patience with conspiracy sorts is nil

    I used to feel the same way, since too many many people would need to be in the know. But this really happened in the U K .

    In 1989 a disaster occurred at Hillsborough Football Stadium . For decades the survivors and victims families claimed that the Police reports were a cover-up to hide their own incompetence . Blame had been placed on "drunken" uncontrollable fans.. I dismissed the claims as the result of grief,since I had faith in our Police.

    Recently, finally, the truth came out and the Police HAD lied, falsified reports to hide their misjudgements on the day. It was not a conspiracy theory after all.

    So now I am open to the idea that our Government, the authorities, ..them ! can and do lie and may mislead us. That is not say I believe everything but nothing is impossible either

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