Met the new CO (correction officer) this week

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  • truth doubter
    truth doubter

    Just want to share my take on the new circuit overseers visit. First impression, he's a control freak. He got up several times to correct the servants on lights, sound and speaker stand positioning. Give me a break. He led everyone by clapping for every part. Is this new light ? During his talk he touched on the bottom line of every visit and assembly, namely, " God is good,do more". It's laughable and sad. The CO is nothing more than a motivational speaker, a pitch man if you will. He then proceeded to criticize young ones who are going to or thinking of going to college. That guilt trip was covered in a Watchtower over 25 years ago which said college is an individual decision and we should not be judged if we attend. These personal opinions are not scriptural and damage the unity of the brothers. After all ,if the CO said it, it must be God's will. He then went on to speak about good spirit vs. bad spirit. Bad spirit is of course from satan. The main example he gave of bad spirit is when someone says that they " don't think the end will come in their lifetime". Are you kidding me ! Is he unaware of all the false predictions of the last 140 yrs. Needless to say WT is appointing men to carry out an outdated company line. Just to keep us all in the box by telling everyone not to listen to what's on the internet. Well the jigs up and the truth has set us free.

  • Beth Sarim
    Beth Sarim
    The Circuit Overseer is a real ''company man''. He is a power freak who the elders and ministerial servants dread like as a spectre. Power hungry. More power given, the hungrier they get.
  • 08out
    Has to look important, keep his phony bolony job
  • skin

    We have just had our CO visit. He said the same in a talk called: "Inspired expressions of Error"

    These are the main expressions of error to watch out for.

    1: Do not seek Higher Education:

    2: Don't listen to anyone who says "The end is not near" *(Why didn't he bring out Lk 21:8, - I don't know)

    3: No harm looking at porn:

    4: Negative media reports about JW’s are lies, thankfully we know that but people in the world don’t.

    After hearing these 4 points, who really is promoting inspired expressions of error.

  • Beth Sarim
    Beth Sarim

    ''After hearing these 4 points, who really is promoting inspired expressions of error.''

    The CO has to say things like the 4 above, he has to keep the rank and file in line. Free of questioning. Has to keep the JW's in fear and awe inspired.

  • atomant
    What negative media reports?Facts and figures dont lie.The damage has already been done.So now there in damage control mode.
  • jaydee
  • Finkelstein

    CO's were always middle marketing promoters for the WTS. looking over how well each congregation were doing in service, hours per pub. literature placements , bible studies etc.

    The level of the each congregation participation was the deemed the level of spiritual strength of that congregation.. Essentially a guy who is sent to look over the numbers.

  • Rather Be the Hammer
    Rather Be the Hammer

    Sounds like the exact things 'our' CO spoke about. No higher Education. And everything in this world is an illusion.

  • Billy the Ex-Bethelite
    Billy the Ex-Bethelite

    I know his type. This is me after the end of one such CO's (Correction Officer, love it!) visit...

    That was me heading off to university, and haven't gone back since.

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