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    Hi Hecce

    The press will present facts on the manner that they think will sell more papers, they are not going to publish a transcript word by word of their conversations with Mr. Garcia.

    Yeah I know - that's why I was trying to work out what it was all about in some kind of timeline order.

    I also don't expect a transcript from the newspaper - what I meant was that I would have liked an English translated transcript of the VIDEO interview that Miguel Garcia gave that appears on the newspaper website - this might helpfully fill in some of the missing details etc.

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    Mr. Garcia is a gifted individual and I am pretty sure that he will provide more information and documentation on the subject.

    As far as expectations I think that I know what you mean, I was expecting during the buildup a more sympathetic victim, I know that the people behind this effort have been working to get Spanish victims to come forward, some of them are sharing in private but none has accepted going public. Maybe the interview will change the situation.

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    Google translation from the Spanish Forum:

    Victims of abuse in Spain

    Congratulations to the victim who has had the courage to publicly denounce the harassment of worship of Jehovah's Witnesses.

    I join the initiative of James B. (I beg contact me via PM)

    All victims in Spain can and should speak, it is a personal catharsis, someone has taken the first step, double page in the paper, with pictures and videos, with first denied damn letter and then taken over by the so-called Judicial Committee.

    I congratulate Miquel to bring the issue to the Catalan police and the prosecution. BUT NOW THE REST OF VICTIMS SHOULD TALK.

    It is not an attack on any belief, religion or god, is the need that the neo-religion made in USA change its rules to criminalize asocial minority and to stop imposing the criminalization and isolation of opponents of Jehovah God witness.

    Mr. James B. I beg contact me via PM and we can join efforts to help victims of child abuse of Jehovah's Witnesses.

    Spokesmen for Jehovah's Witnesses in Spain lie more than talk, do you think that Spanish journalists do not know that all forms of expulsion are in digital format and sent to the national headquarters via the

    So what do they play? To continue manipulating its 90,000 devotees?


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    Hecce - "It is not an attack on any belief, religion or god, is the need that the neo-religion made in USA change its rules..."

    Problem is, the WTS regards any pressure by "Satan's World" towards policy change (even if it's positive) as an attack on their beliefs...

    ...because to the WTS, "policies" and "beliefs" are - for all intents and purposes - the same thing.

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    La sombra de los testigos de Jehová

    Muchos expertos califican al grupo de secta por sus formas de manipulación y coerción psicológica

    The shadow of Jehovah's Witnesses

    Many experts describe the group of sect for their forms of manipulation and psychological coercion

    The shadow of Jehovah's Witnesses

    Many experts describe the group of sect for their forms of manipulation and psychological coercion

    When you decide to go in a group should not you care much what they think of you. The problem begins if, after your departure, all your friends and family have the consgina to cut off all communication with you. This is what happens when Jehovah's Witnesses put the cross to one of its former members.

    What are Jehovah's Witnesses? Despite being entered in the register of religious entities since 1970, many experts are clear: a sect. "It is considered internationally as a group of psychological manipulation by the way they capture, its pyramidal structure and control of information. There are many factors that show that it is a group of psychological manipulation" analyzes Margarita Barranco, clinical psychologist . Diagnosis also sharing the psychologist Miguel Perlado, which pinpoints some recurring pathologies in exadeptos. "The main lack of confidence, affective and emotional stability, always doubting everything. They develop a pleasing style to avoid conflict or friction, accustomed to please everyone 24 hours a day."


    As with many similar groups, it costs much that the former members denounce coercion received. Usually when they come out they are too weak and after a while, prefer to forget. Besides the added fear that if they report or aerate their criticism, his former friends give them back. In the case of Jehovah's Witnesses practice of banishing is through a parallel judgments. "On leaving the fear of inquisitorial trial that can lead to a cut of this magnitude makes many people out to mincing words, without the letter of resignation," says Pearl.

    For the cases tried, Barranco explains that many of these quasi-judicial processes are only instruments for the Apostate not contaminate the rest. "Often take years before the expulsion Pasa. If someone speaks ill of witnesses, although it has not done anything serious, it will try to eject to have no contact with anyone inside and tell what has been wrong. The reasons for these expulsions are often not real. "

    Despite being a lucrative publishing business (Watch Tower Society claims to have released more than 40,000 million Bible literature in over 700 languages), the most bemoan the former members is not money lost in buying copies of the magazines 'Atalaya' and 'Awake!' or donations to the cause. Money, little or much, can be recovered. What we regret is not being able to recover the time lost, broken friendships and emotional stability couples and broken.

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    Familias rotas por las audiencias judiciales de los Testigos de Jehová

    Enrique Carmona cuenta como la expulsión de ese credo ha minado la relación de cuatro generaciones

    Portavoces de la confesión admiten que se ha de mantener una relación "de mínimos" con los repudiados

    Families broken by judicial hearings of Jehovah's Witnesses

    Enrique Carmona counts as the expulsion of that creed has undermined the relationship of four generations

    Spokespeople admit the confession must be maintained a "minimum" with the Forsaken

    Families broken by judicial hearings of Jehovah's Witnesses

    Enrique Carmona counts as the expulsion of that creed has undermined the relationship of four generations

    Spokespeople admit the confession must be maintained a "minimum" with the Forsaken

    On 14 April 1988 the Watch Tower, the dome that runs from the US to eight and a half Jehovah's Witnesses who are spread all over the planet millions, announced a new order to the members of their community. In Spain it came through the publication 'Atalaya' -the usual communication channel. The article was called 'Discipline that can bear fruit peaceful'. Enrique Carmona remembers it well because this decision, taken from across the Atlantic Ocean, changed his life.

    The family of Carmona, 60 members belonged to this confession. His father, however, had been expelled in 1964 from drinking too much. "We exceeded and was a good father, but he would return with the Witnesses," Enrique says. Since 1988, they asked the young man, who was then 30 years old, to "stop talking" to his father, I siguiento the new guideline. Enrique resisitirse tried and tried to convince his wife that "family" was "more important" than the norm. He was unsuccessful. In 2002, he was also expelled. "There are many clubs with internal rules they expel members who do not. But do not prohibit your family to talk to you, "evidence to highlight the price that implies expulsion setenciada by a judicial committee that creed.


    One of the hardest episodes of this family restriction he lived the day of the wedding of his daughter. He expected in the consistory of Lugo the arrival of the bride, with the camcorder at point. He appeared on the arm of another man, a stranger, a member of the community, who led her to the altar because he had decided that he should not exercise that role. He could not get at the ceremony held at the Kingdom Hall - the local congregation of his daughter or participate in the wedding feast.

    In 2014, Henry's father died. During the months he spent in the hospital, he received no visit one of his granddaughters. And lately, Henry also sees upset his ex-wife now press their descendants to not talk to him. "We are four generations broken because of this sect," he concludes.


    Josep Morell, Catalunya delegate Christian Jehovah's Witnesses (the Spanish name of an international confession), recognizes only that relations must maintain a family with a member who has been expelled is "minimal". "If you disrespect me Jehovah not respect me," he reasons. Compares with a father who turns away a child who "steals" or "assaulted one of his brothers."

    Also it stresses that this decision was not made in 1988, but comes from century I. quotes the Bible (Corinthians, chapter 5, verse 11: "... I wrote to you not to associate with anyone named a brother, he is an immoral person or covetous, or an idolater, or a slanderer, or a drunkard, or a swindler, with that, you do not even eat "and 13:" But God judges those outside Expel the evil from among you. ").

    An internal video production confession posted on YouTube, which screened at regional asembleas this summer shows that the relative must effectively expelled away. In recording the story of a girl who, upon reaching the age of majority, is expelled from home it is told. "My dad told me that he could no longer live with them. Because I did not want to change my lifestyle. I said I was a bad influence for my younger siblings, "says the voice in 'off' of the protagonist.

    The video even invited to reject telephone contact.... "They wanted me and wanted me to return to the Lord I tried to communicate with them (...) They thought about approaching me But they knew that if they came into contact me, if only a little to see how she was, that small dose would have sufficed me. I would have been led to believe that there needed to return to the Lord. "


    Marta Herrera was baptized-moment from which a person enters the credo- 13 years and married 22 years. "Marriage was a pantomime. Roommates were simple, "he explains. With 40 years to leave the organization and start a new relationship, he was expelled. Out it was not as easy as it may seem. "I felt lost, everything he had thought became meaningless to me says tearfully, psychologically it is very complicated because you get yours back, it hurts a lot."

    Various extestigos consistently emphasized that this community is filled with "good people" who fall into the hands of an organization "that manipulates". And those who go worse "are parents," they conclude.

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    The opening paragraph of the above article refers to the Watchtower article below

    Watchtower 15 April 1988, pages 26 to 31

    Discipline That Can Yield Peaceable Fruit

    “No discipline seems for the present to be joyous, but grievous; yet afterward to those who have been trained by it it yields peaceable fruit, namely, righteousness.”—HEBREWS 12:11.

    Link to scans

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    In the above newspaper article from El Periódico titled "Familias rotas por las audiencias judiciales de los Testigos de Jehová" there is a link to a youtube video from the 2016 Convention in Spanish (three videos combined into one).

    Below are the three videos in English:

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