Have you Witnessed a Change in People's Life-Style / Behaviour where you Live?

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  • Simon

    Everything is quiet and subdued here. Stores are limiting how many can be inside at a time, so there are spaced-out queues outside who can only go in when someone comes out.

    They have people hovering to disinfect payment keypads after use and wipe down cart handles, but it all feels somber and unreal.

    We need to adapt to a new reality.

  • stan livedeath
    stan livedeath

    i wore a pair of disposable surgical gloves when i went to tesco this morning--because of that trolley handle. there was plenty of loo rolls--but no fresh or frozen meat, chicken, or fish...and--no bulk packs of cans of lager. but i got most other stuff i needed. just a regular shopping run.

  • ToesUp

    In the Southern part of the us. About an hour outside of a large Metropolitan area. Everyone is home during the day, everyday seems like a Saturday . People are walking their dogs, mowing their yards and working from home. Weird!

    Stores are closing early and dine in places are doing take out orders only. Sam's club, in our area is limiting how many packs of meat and packs of TP you buy. Kids and college students are doing online school, so we see many of them out and about during the day.

    People seem to be making the best of it.

    One thing interesting. I deal with a good volume of clients (all "worldly"). I have received several texts over the past couple of weeks, checking on me and my family. Any JW's? Nope. We have had to reach out to JW family and check on them. NO ONE has reached out to us. "You will know them by their fruits."

  • Pete Zahut
    Pete Zahut

    It was a beautiful spring day and we went out for a bike ride and a lot people I don't know, smiled and waved from their porches or from their cars as they drove by. A lot of neighbors were outside their houses talking across fences to their other neighbors. I saw a group of about five, 30 somethings who had exercise equipment out on their driveway and were doing CrossFit training. A lot of neighbors were out walking their dogs and riding their bikes and they seemed to be making an extra effort to call out "hellos" to anyone in sight.

  • vienne

    I'm too young to drive. I turned 15 this month. But my dad and I drive a short stretch of the Interstate to get to our pasture. There is traffic, but not very much. Our often noisy neighborhood [many little kids shouting and playing] is very, very quiet. We stay in as much as possible. I've played more card games with my sister than we usually play in a year. School is online. I miss my friends, though we chat on the phone or text.

    Dad works from home. His company's offices are closed. Everything is on the Internet or phone. Dad's trip to Germany to inspect a project has been indefinably cancelled. Cousins living in England and France don't go anywhere. Life is not the same.

  • smiddy3

    Thanks for all of the replies so far ,it seems like its pretty comparable wherever we are in the world ,we are all in the same boat .And most people are abiding by the rules and taking notice of the advice from the appropriate authorities keeping everyone as safe as they can.

    However not everybody abides by the rules as the following discloses

    .Some out of the way country towns have had small busloads of people from the major cities come into town and buy up as much as they can and then depart.

    Of course then the locals who live and work in the town have found the shelves empty and they are left without.

    Now ,the supermarkets and local stores want to see I.D. to verify you are a resident of the town before you can shop their .

    I can`t verify this but rumour has it that some small shopkeepers will not take cash anymore ,all transactions are by card only .For fear that the virus could be transmitted by the coins or paper money

    Has this sort of behaviour happened where you live ?

  • ZeusRocks

    Here is Australia, everyone is going to have to adjust now. All cafes, restaurants, clubs, gyms, pubs, cinemas, theme parks are all closing from midday. Restaurants and cafes can only do takeaway and delivery, no dining in. Going out socialising is a no no know. Long lines to the centrelink offices now with all the people out of work.

  • waton

    over the weekend, with police and everyone busy there were many trees cut , chainsawed. a rampage. it requires an application, and usual denial, to cut these tress, and tens of them gone. left in neat 1 cubit length, ready to be split.

  • Smiles

    The pandemic is causing people to be even less interested in Watch Tower propaganda.

    Too much happening to be interested in JWs that have all but disappeared from everywhere.

  • caves

    On my drive home this evening the town was (about 30,000) dead. Very few vehicles on the road.

    In the local paper today, 10 - Covid-19 cases in the last few days. Tests started arriving this Wed-Thursday as told to me by a gal that works in HR at the hospital.

    A real-estate company in town apparently sent out a letter last Monday to tell their tenants that if they are unable to pay rent, even due to job loss, you will be evicted. Even though there is a freeze on evictions, in this state. They quickly retracted it Wednesday. Supposedly, from what I've heard from various places in town, most everyone that rented from them banned together and got something done.

    Today I heard more talk about fighting the local government, armed if necessary. People are scared and its was bikers talking this. Bikers (not bicyclist) when they start talking this way usually mean what they say. So its unnerving at best. People are banning together.

    Some stores have gotten sneeze guards installed at the check out stands.

    Stores here are getting restocked again and have gotten strict about over purchasing. So the shelves are filling back up some.

    Tuesday I was at the store and there were two teenagers "pretend coughing" on the isle next to me and laughing, while an elderly lady stood at the end of the isle just about to reach the panic attack point. It pissed me right off and I went up to them and told them to "knock it the F' off or get the F' out." The employees came over and had my back. The teenagers left and then the employees helped the lady get what she needed.

    I personally as I'm sure many others are seeing the shift that people are taking this seriously now.

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