Vice doc spotlights Jehovah’s Witnesses

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  • Rattigan350

    US cable network Vice TV will debut an original documentary that claims to uncover corruption and abuse within the Jehovah’s Witnesses community.

    Vice Versa: Crusaders, which will air on July 28, is part of the channel’s Vice Versa brand, known for docs including Fear of a Black Quarterback and The Neglected Pandemic.

    The project comes from Hollywood director Aaron Kaufman, who was shunned by his Jehovah’s Witness family after investigating paedophilia within the organisation.

    Crusaders is directed by Kaufman and executive produced by Lauren Terp, as well as Daniel Levinson and Robert Fernandez for US-London prodco Moxie Pictures, and Danny Gabai and Andrew Freston for Vice Studios. Executive producing for Vice TV is Catherine Whyte.

    Kaufman said: “After witnessing first-hand the cycle of abuse that runs deep within the Jehovah’s Witnesses, I could not rest until the dark truth of this organisation was brought to light. Vice Versa: Crusaders exposes those who use their immense power and influence to maintain control in the name of God.”

    Vice TV is available as a linear channel in the US and as an online service.

  • mickbobcat
    The cult must feel like the noose is closing in.
  • zachias


    I fear the gb will reach a point of exposure and with perhaps a breakout of people at bethel will go into a screaming panic and order and like all tyrants who create a war to cover up their domestic troubles will order all jw to go about with a condemnation message thus bringing about what the gb have always wanted being actual prosecution of jw the world over. Martyrs martyr martyrs!

    I fear for my family and all those with divided families and too for all the kids caught up in the tidal wave and poor humanity which will have to suffer it all as well.

    I hope deeply that any such action by governments against the wt will commence at the top of the organization.

  • waton

    the judgement starts with the house of god. beth-el.

  • Terry
  • johnamos

    their site shows its on wed the 28th at 9pm...but what channel is VICE? anyone know where to watch this?

  • was a new boy
  • smiddy3

    I hope some young - uns can provide a link so us old farts can watch it without too much difficulty .

  • FFGhost

    Maybe this is at least part of the reason why a hysterical screed against "listening to apostates" was plunked into the middle of a convention that ostensibly deals with "building faith".

  • was a new boy

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