Entertainment: What's everybody reading or into right now?

by schnell 25 Replies latest social entertainment

  • Darkknight757

    iZombie and The Walking Dead on Netflix. Both good shows. Just downloaded the ES5: Skyrim reboot and that has been good so far. Looking forward to the Diablo 3 patch with the resurrected New Tristam storyline from D1 and the necromancer class.

  • SamTheGinge

    I never let the WT decide what I could, or couldn't watch, to be honest. But I enjoy reading, and I am enjoying books by Ken Follett at the minute, I have recently finished a book of his called Eye of the Needle and I have just started a new one called Fall of Giants. Very good books.

    As for TV, I am watching Once Upon A Time on Netflix at the moment. It's good piece of TV to get lost in for an hour. Not earth shattering or anything like that, but it'll do to wile away the time!

  • QuestioningEverything

    Reading: The Stand by Stephen King

    Watching: WestWorld and Insecure on HBO

  • GrreatTeacher

    I'm a new teacher. I don't have anytime for entertainment. (Grading 68 papers on a 15 point rubric, anyone?)

    I do content myself with stupid limericks, though.

    "In my hands hangs the fate of the nation;

    I'm weaving the next generation.

    And, next to my loom,

    I'm parking my broom.

    For what, you say? Cheap transportation!"

  • GrreatTeacher

    "I told them they had to be quiet,

    And the children were threatening to riot.

    I need some Scotch tape

    For small mouths that gape.

    The next time I'm shopping, I'll buy it."

  • NewYork44M

    I get my recommendations from the NYTimes book review podcast.

    A wonderful book I just finished is Elizabeth is Missing. The protagonist has Alzheimer's disease and solves a mystery.

    Reading FILTH (Failed in London try Hong Kong). and The Vegetarian.

    Both books are not your typical books. Which attracts me to these books.

  • GrreatTeacher

    "There was a young student named Carson,

    Whose dad told him he would go far, son.

    Lit a match, threw it in,

    the classroom trash bin,

    Now he's been arrested for arson."

  • brandnew

    Livin life

  • JRK

    I just read Adultery by Paulo Coelho. Listening to Post Pop Depression by Iggy Pop.


  • schnell

    Ooh, Paulo Coelho. As soon as they make that Alchemist movie, I will be there, because that was a great book. Great audio book narration by Jeremy Irons, as well. Ehhh, so how was Adultery, JRK? :P

    @Darkknight757, I should try Diablo 3. I remember when it came out, it even got a notice in the convention... sort of. "Recently a new game came out that's been in development for years, with people lined up to play it, and the game is called. . . THE DEVIL." Swing and a miss, bruh. Swing and a miss.

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