Daily Text July 21, 2017: Jehovah is a loving father?

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  • Sanchy

    Is Jehovah really a loving and compassionate "father" to his children? As a JW I would have definitely answered "Yes", followed by the typical "he allows suffering, but doesn't cause it", or perhaps the "he has created us to enjoy life and wants us to be happy" mumbo jumbo.

    Today's daily text demonstrate this reasoning (bold mine):

    See what sort of love the Father has given us!—1 John 3:1.

    Jehovah is the Creator of all humans. (Ps. 100:3-5) That is why the Bible calls Adam a “son of God,” and Jesus taught his followers to address God as “our Father in the heavens.” (Luke 3:38; Matt. 6:9) Being the Life-Giver, Jehovah is our Father; the relationship between him and us is that of a father to his children. Simply put, Jehovah loves us the way a devoted father loves his children....

    Pausing here for a second, I'd like to add that I have two children of my own, so I understand what parental love implies. Any Parent would surely agree with me in that this love we feel is an indescribably profound affection where almost all we do is for the purpose of our children's happiness. Has history shown Jehovah to display this same type of "love"?

    ...Human fathers, of course, are imperfect. Try as they may, they do not fully reflect the way Jehovah expresses his fatherly love. In fact, some individuals have dark memories of growing up in family situations that have left them with deep emotional or psychological scars. That is painful and sad, even tragic. To be sure, Jehovah is not a father like that....

    Human father's are indeed imperfect. Yet I still manage to display tender love and affection to my children. Never would I purposely subject them to torture or physical pain so that they learn a lesson.

    I remember a common analogy among JWs attempting to disprove the concept of Hell. They'd ask a parent something along the lines of: "Would you ever burn your child's hand as a form of discipline? Neither would our loving heavenly father subject us to an eternal fiery torture". While it is true that I would never even think of burning my child's hand, does this analogy really fit the God of JWs?

    I'd argue that the following analogy would more appropriately fit the that God:


    A parent explains to his young son that he should not attempt to cross the road without his supervision and that doing so would definitely result in injury. One day, the child is told by a friend that a toy he desires lies across the other side of the road and encourages him to go get it.

    The child, in complete disregard of his father's warning, proceeds to do so. His father, peeking through the window, observes the child approaching the busy road, and rather than running to his rescue, decides to allow it for the purpose of teaching a lesson in obedience. He reasons that there is a Hospital nearby capable of healing any injuries he might receive. The child unavoidably gets struck by a vehicle and while laying severely injured on the ground, the father approaches him and says: "This is what you get for not respecting my authority":

    The father decides that he will allow the child to linger in pain for some time before calling for help, so that the lesson sinks deep into his heart. Hours go by and the child, barely alive and crying for help, continues getting only lectured by his father on the importance of obeying his authority. Only after his young child has lost consciousness does the father decide to take action and call for medical services.

    He also proceeds to murder young friend of the boy that originally instigated him to cross the road.


    Would you say that this father acted lovingly? Has not Watchtower's Jehovah done the same thing, only in a more cruel fashion? Not only has he supposedly allowed humanity to suffer for millennia with the intent of teaching them a lesson in obedience, but while at it has also directly plagued them with countless sources of calamities such as diseases and/or natural disasters.

    Does this sound like a "Loving Father" to you? The daily text's commentary concludes:

    Knowing how Jehovah loves and cares for us will surely draw us closer to him.—

    I beg to differ

  • Doubtfully Yours
    Doubtfully Yours

    He engineered our problems by throwing Satan and his demons here on earth, according to his book, then has the audacity to demand that we 'imitate' Him, that we shall be 'holy' as Him, etc. What a holy jerk!

    Like a song goes: Created us sick, but commands us to be well.

    Loving father? Countless evidence to the contrary.😔


  • corruptgirl

    Wow, couldn't have said it better myself. Great analogy! Except... Jehovah has yet to send for "medical help". 🤔 The illustration you gave was only a small example of what "Jehovah" has actually done. He has done far worse for far longer. Anyone who would read the Bible unbiasedly would easily see what a horrible father he truly is. We may be imperfect, but we take much better care of our children.

  • FedUpJW

    Child: Daddy, I love you.

    Father: I love you too my child. That is why I am going to inject you with this syringe full of deadly diseases and watch you suffer and die. I love you!

    Child: But daddy, I love you!

    Father: That is good. You must love me, or I will kill you!

  • eva luna
    eva luna

    To add to your thoughts.

    "fear the one and only true god jehovah'

    That's a scripture I always heard as a child.

    Fear and love contradict.

  • konceptual99

    This is the same loving father that watches his children go through endless suffering, tries to justify it on the basis of the suffering being needed for divine justice to be properly exercised and THEN... has the bollocks to inspire a talk at the convention (last one before lunch on Friday) where he shows no compassion for his children but just gives them a big list of things he has had to "put up with" whilst they have been suffering.

    Imagine sitting at the bedside of your terminally ill child and telling them to forget their pain and think about what you've had to go through.

    Sorry to be such a burden Jehovah.


    Daily Text July 21, 2017: Jehovah is a loving father?

    Jehovah is a fictitious WBT$ Boogieman.

    JW Parents use, to scare the shit out of their children.


    "Give Me Your Ice Cream Money!"

    "You Little JW Bastards!"

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  • Are you serious
    Are you serious

    Enjoyed this post very much! You're right on when it comes to Jehovah, Yahweh or whatever his name is. This is one idea that always made me have second thoughts, before I decided to get critical about it. I always thought why couldn't Jehovah just have started over from the beginning after Adam and Eve sinned to avoid all of the suffering? Now I know. Because he never existed. Wasted many years of my life defending him before I came to that realization.

  • Anony Mous
    Anony Mous

    The analogy is way more convoluted.

    So the boy crosses the road and gets struck by a car. The father yells to the kid that he has kicked the child out of the home and leaves the child alone for some time. Later on he feels sorry that he made the kid and dumps a bucket of water over him. Then he sends all sorts of people to the kid to warn them he better not cry and every time he does, he has other kids kick the child. Eventually the father comes out and makes himself get hit by a car to forgive the kid. Then after a while he gets up and kills the driver of the car that hit him and gives the child to the driver of the first car who turns out to be a child molester. Then he proceeds to write a book about the ordeal and promises that soon he will save the child, only if the child beliefs that his dad has forgiven him and will keep his promise to save the child. The child grows old and the dad turns out to have lied all along.

  • Sanchy


    Your version is definitely more precise lol

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