another hello from Cleveland area

by 08out 17 Replies latest jw friends

  • Divergent
    Lurker since 2008

    Welcome. Took you long enough!

  • Hadriel

    Lotta folks lurking saying enough is enough.

    The exodus has begun folks.

    In the words of Harry Hogge - "I believe in my heart"

  • 2+2=5

    Welcome to the circus.

  • loneranger

    re Ohio...anyone from Norwalk?

  • TheListener
    Welcome 08out. Glad you posted. Would love to hear your story.
  • sissyb
    loneranger, I live in Oberlin which is about 25 miles from Norwalk. I'm close to Cleveland, and I'm also in the Warren (my home town) area about once a month if anyone wants to meet up.
  • freddo
    Wonderful news! Welcome.
  • 08out
    My story is nothing new ,mother came in about 1974 I was young ,remember Christmas and Halloween vaguely ,grew up jw ,school was a nightmare sometimes ,being different at a young age made me very shy ,still fight it now at times ,had to tell teacher 1st day of new year I couldn't salute flag ,a lot of pressure on a first grader ,but I made it ,of course got married at 20,became a ms for about 12 yrs ,they made me jump through many hoops but I thought I was doing right thing ,finally got appointed elder at 34 hrs old ,got to see very fast they were all full of crap ,one man controlled it all ,friends at bethel, like I cared ,but the others did ,I told one elder it was the worst 5 hrs of my life I'll never do it again ,he looked at me like I was nuts ,so much has happened it would take a book ,put glad to finally be here ,I'll chime in from time to time ,thank all for all your experiences over the years they have helped a lot

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