ARC Information pack received in relation to my help, assistance, evidence and testimony

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  • steve2

    And still no one peep about any of ARC's work on JW organization. Not surprising, I suppose. But the silence is revealing. This is not something to be proud of, to say the least.

  • tor1500


    Wouldn't it be nice to drop off these copies to the witnessing carts... When they say would you like something to politely say sure, but then say, you have something for them...their curiosity will get the best of them...just imagine having enough copies to leave with them...word will get around...give them out randomly..

    Just a thought.


  • sparrowdown

    Great work jwleaks!

  • wannaexit

    Thank you for all your hard work.

  • Listener

    Thanks for the information and your hard work. I've just requested some copies, they would be great to have when speaking to a JW.

  • Wild_Thing

    I haven't received a response back, but I wanted to make sure everyone knew what documents are available to download for free through the Royal Commission website. I am only listing the documents pictured by jwleaks, plus a few others I think are significant. If you want to browse the entire list of documents available for download, here is the link. It's a lot of information. The "Exhibit" documents are quite interesting. Narrow your search to just exhibits and do a search for "Case Study 29" (use quotation marks).

    Final Report PDF:

    Case Study 29 PDF:

    Other documents I think might be of high interest:

    Supplemental statement by Geoffrey William Jackson provided to the Royal Commission after his testimony:

    Spreadsheet documenting every single pedophile that the Watchtower had in their files and kept secret. No names. Each one is labeled by perpetrator number and lists A LOT of information like the number of victims, the status of the perpetrator in the congregation, whether there was a confession, and if they were disfellowshipped. This is the first time I have seen this document. I am absolutely horrified.

    I am thinking I might be able to send the Case Study PDF to a local printing place and have them print a nice hard copy. If they can legally print and bound it for me, I am thinking that would be quite more cost effective than having it mailed from Australia. If I have success, I will let you know.

    I am most interested in those summary brochures pictured. jwleaks, would you mind posting a close up photo of the top of those brochures? I would love to search for them. If those can be mass printed (legally), I think they would be perfect to send to politicians in our country as we try to get the mandatory reporting laws changed.

  • jwleaks

    Close up of brochures. The are guides to understanding the findings. I have not found a pdf version of these on the ARCs website.

  • jwleaks

    Re copyright and reprinting of Final Report and Case Study 29 into JWs.

  • Wild_Thing

    Thanks, jwleaks. I was thinking they were a summary of their findings. Not what I thought. It would really be nice if they (or someone) could summarize their findings in a nicely formatted brochure. I bet my brochure placement this month would be off the charts.

  • LevelThePlayingField

    When you here from the ARC that there were 1006 instances of child abuse reported to them it sounds like a lot. But then when you see the spread sheet and hit the down arrow, and it keeps scrolling and scrolling, then it seems really creepy to think that there has been that much abuse in a country that has relatively few JW's.

    If something like this ever hit the U.S., then it would really be a long list, thousands and thousands.

    I hope it opens up here.

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