ARC Information pack received in relation to my help, assistance, evidence and testimony

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  • jwleaks

    This was sent to me by the ARC for assisting and providing evidence and testimony in relation to Jehovah's Witnesses, the Watchtower Bible & Tract Society of Australia, Terrence O'Brien, Vincent Toole, and Geoffrey Jackson of the governing body.

    Photo 1. A thank you letter, Final Report, summary brochures of the entire ARC, every single Case Study and related document on a USB memory stick.

    Photo 2. Close up of official ARC USB memory stick with every single Case Study every single report and all the documents used.

    Photo 3. This arrived last year. Case Study 29 into Jehovah's Witnesses. I sent this official hardcopy to Barbara Anderson as a gift for all her hard work.

  • gerry

    wow that is amazing. wish they would make those packs available I would gladly pay.

    thanks for your hard work .

    hope the phantom benefits from the letter

  • jwleaks
    gerry - the phantom

    I like that.

  • Wild_Thing

    That is great! I would love to have a copy of the case study. I found on their website where you can order hard copies. I went through the steps to order it, (with no payment needed; you just request it) and it said my order is "awaiting approval". I doubt I get approved, especially since I live in America, but hopefully, I can ask if I can pay for the printing and shipping.


  • smiddy3

    I think you have received the "OSCAR" "Golden Globes" award and the "Logies" award (lol) for your perseverance contributing to the ARC ,jwleaks

    Well done ,now the big question ?

    Can members of this board and others on other boards copy and distribute this information out to the broader community ? without violating any laws ?

    In other words can any of us go public to the general community with this information ?

    I certainly hope so ?

    Edit to say : I hope Barbara Anderson can make good use of this information and make best use of it as I`m sure she can .

    The response Of Jehovah`s Witnesses and Watchtower Bible And Tract Society of Australia allegations of Child Sexual Abuse October 2016

    case study Number 29

    That should be very interesting.

    Thank you for providing this latest information to us.

    Well done jw.leaks.

  • jwleaks

    Smiddy - one of the key points I discussed with Prime Minister Gilliard, in relation to holding a Child Abuse Royal Commission, was that under Australia's Medicare laws the taxpayer was actually funding the professional help given to victims of abuse and not the institutions. This was potentially 100's of millions every year. Fiscal Policy. Make the organisations who committed the abuse, or who failed to report the abuse, financially liable. Now, under the redress scheme, when formalised, these organisations will be liable. This is what the JWs and Watchtower and the governing body were so terrified of when they instructed Terrence O'Brien to challenge the redress scheme in the final ARC hearing involving the JWs.

    Can any of us go public

    Well, you don't give info to JW Leaks and expect it not to go public. On the other hand, all relevant JW information has been published on the ARC website. My job is done.

    If I remember correctly I provided the ARC with some 6800 pages of internal Watchtower and JW documents. I also provided a damning entire audio recording of a secret child abuse judicial hearing involving the alleged perpetrator and the teenage child victim. This took place in Australia. This judicial investigation, and secret hearing, was run by Watchtower Australia and their lawyer Vincent Toole. Watchtower flew in their child abuse handling team to conduct the entire hearing. Absolutely sickening, dehumanising and obscene in the extreme. It is probably the only recording of an official Watchtower sanctioned JW child abuse investigation in existence.

  • smiddy3

    I thank you for your response jwleaks as you say the ARC is not going to give you these documents and not expect it to go public.

    I hope other Nations /Governments view this report that are dealing with allegations of Child sexuall abuse in the Jehovah Witness religion


    I hope all of us here and on other sites like this can use this information to inform the public about the truth of what Jehovah`s Witnesses are all about and not just the sanitized version Jehovah`s Witnesses give about themselves.

  • MrRoboto

    Unbelievable and awesome! well done.

    JWLeaks, is there any way that we would access a copy of the judicial hearing you are refering to? Is it already public somewhere?

    wild-thing would you mind updating us on this thread if you manage to get a copy or if they deny it?

  • oppostate

    Is your site?

  • jwleaks

    oppostate - the site was mine but I stopped running it after the ARC announced a case study into JWs. My work was done and I achieved what I wanted to accomplish.

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