Do you play the lottery?

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  • Iamallcool
    For me, I have only purchased just one powerball ticket in my life, That was few years ago and I am thinking about buying some more in the near future. Maybe I should push my luck even more this time. I am going to buy 10 tickets. Your thoughts or input will be appreciated.
  • stillin

    The only way to guarantee that you won't win is not playing.

    having said that, tho only way to lose is to keep throwing money at it.

  • HappyDad

    I buy 2 powerball tickets every Wesnesday and Saturday. Someone eventually wins and everyone loves to dream a little. It's the people who say you are throwing your money away who are the most jealous of someone they know winning.


  • Rattigan350

    I play but the odds to Megamillions and powerball are too high. I play with 10 million or less odds.

    Powerball is a ripoff with the 292 million odds per $2 ticket. Megamillions is similar odds for $1.

    How can it be said that Jehovah will provide if the Witnesses don't play? How can he provide?

  • WTWizard

    I haven't bought any lottery tickets--when I did that once, I got nothing but near-misses. Instead, I put all that lottery money into silver. Then, I can have fun watching the banks shorting the stuff and watch the shorts blow up in their faces while I end up getting rich at their expense. Sort of like legal bank robbery, except there is no weapon or threat used, no getaway, and no crime is committed except theirs of shorting the stuff in the first place.

    Not to mention, there are a few contests to enter. I entered a contest to go to Ottawa, Canada, to tour the Royal Canadian Mint by buying some silver Canadian maple leafs. No, I did not win--but it was fun to research Ottawa and how to get there. And I get to keep the silver. I entered another one for a monster box of Britannias by ordering a few of them. That one is decided May 23, and the thought of having an extra 500 ounces of silver at 7,000 toilet papers per ounce (again at the banks' expense--serves them right for shorting silver to cheat people out of paper contracts) beats the short term thrill of playing the lottery and then losing quickly.

    Also, those Australia kookaburras. They want me to put money into a MyRA fund, which is a crap retirement fund that is bait for confiscation. Instead, I put the money into Australian silver kookaburras. The thought of having that money explode in value while those MyRA accounts become toilet paper or get raided with a mouse click will be with me long after the thrill of losing the lottery is past. Not to mention, no one will be showing my face all around the globe for holding a few dozen Kookaburras instead of winning the big lottery prize.

  • NVR2L8

    In 2009 I got a voucher for a free ticket at McDonald's and I almost threw it away when I discarded the waste from the meal. Then I decided to get the ticket that I left in my car's glove box. Months later I found the ticket with my fuel receipts as I was tracking down my business expenses. I checked the numbers on the lottery's website and I had a winner - $50K. As a good JW I checked in the publications to see if I could accept the prize. Older WT said it was OK since I didn't really wager any money to get the ticket but more recent WT articles said that the money was dirty because it is raised through a practice that displeases God. It was likened to accepting a gift of diamonds knowing that they were stolen. I struggled for a while before claiming the prize. What made my mind up was the fact JW will accept blood fractions knowing these are acquired through a practice forbidden by God...blood donation. After claiming the prize my wife and I never told anyone including our kids...until a few years after I faded away from the cult.

  • TheFadingAlbatros

    By leaving the forever I have regained both freedom and self esteem. This is by far the two best jackpots.

  • MarkofCane

    I started to play the lottery once I faded and unlocked the mental chains. As far as the odds of winning, the way I see it; what are the odds of being born into a death cult out of 8 billion people apparently the "odds" owe me one. Last time we went to Las Vegas gambled some too, I don't take it seriously its all for fun.

  • snowbird

    I would play if Alabama had a lottery.

    So far, every bill to create a State lottery has stalled in the Legislature;

    I'm hoping, if the current governor is impeached, the lottery legislation will be ramrodded through by some of the more open-minded ones up in Montgomery.


  • sparky1
    I play once a week........just for fun. If you don't take it too seriously, than what's the harm?

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