Richard Carrier debunks Christianity using Science and History.

by Island Man 62 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • slimboyfat

    On Rorty island the question "what is true" is a nonsense question. There is no "true".

    What do we agree on? Or what's best to do? These are the relevant questions.

  • bohm

    Sbf: help me out, didnt you say what was true was what people agreed were true?

    do you mean that the word true has no meaning on rorty Island?

  • SecretSlaveClass

    I pray to Uzimbuthu the Zulu spirit of the Umzimvubu river and he answers my prayers. He even cured my prostate cancer. Kindly prove me wrong. I know christians who prayed to Jesus to cure their cancer and they died. How is Any theist god real but Uzimbuthu isn't? Seriously, prove me wrong.

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