Great Crowd and a pair of elephants, invisible.

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  • waton

    Rev 19:1 clearly says the great crowd are in heaven!!

    Perhaps this are the real GC of the other Other Sheep of non-Israelite Christians, led by Cornelius, to be known to have the Holy Spirit, and resurrected in 1918. ha ha.

    The impossible wt struggle is also shown, with their near pathological preoccupation with numbers (just like he hapless David and his census)

    Rev. says "--the GC who no man was able to number--". so: why try?

  • eyeuse2badub

    Revelation 7 says, or at least strongly indicates, that the "great crowd" was so 'great' that no man was able to number it. JW's continue to brag about how "great" this number is and that the "great crowd" will survive the end of the world!

    However, Jesus himself said in Matthew 7:13,14 the 'road to everlasting life was narrow and few would find it?'

    O well, jesus was wrong! lol lol

    just saying!

  • smiddy3

    As the saying goes "The Bible is like a musical instrument that you can play any tune on." Even tunes that have no sense of accelerando or melody and grate on the ears .

    In other words no tune at all like some of the Kingdom songs ? we used to sing?

  • waton
    sense of accelerando

    s3: and revelation offers opportunities for great variations,

    How about a great crowd ending up in the heavenly 'naos" temple, together with the last anointed jws, that also come out of the great tribulation, and they come down from Heaven again with the 'New Jerusalem', to use those pearly gates, showing that the 12 tribes of Rev 7 from whom the 144 000 come out of, are really the great crowd.

    slaves come out of the 12 tribes, they come out of the great tribulation. all that takes acceleration and

    if you think the old songs are bad,--now song are sung all staring up at the monitors, and not with noses between the pages. weird.

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