Are quality restaurants even slightly aware of the concept..

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  • Lostandfound

    Blondie Retired! When I first came here around 14 years ago I got the impression you were about 20 - 25,but retired now, That is amazing

    You are dead right about young ones cooking, making meals from basic ingredients, my grandson thinks "Mackies" i(McDonalds is cooking and would have no idea what to do with pork chops or gammon, take out meals too expensive when we had a young family, but my children do not teach their children about food, just ring up for any sort of food delivery. My wife fed all our family with fresh home cooked food, they still come for Sunday lunch! Sadly reliance on convenience done away with meals round table, how many have a dining table now? Same with GB and so called spiritual food, my generation had to use brains in the ministry and at meetings, watered down convenience heavily salted spiritual offerings now.


    Are quality restaurants even slightly aware of the concept..

    of providing high quality food?..

    Some people don`t belong in a Professional Kitchen..

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  • Listener

    The Rebel, I may be completely off track here but I think your wife may be upset that you spoiled her evening and it has little to do with the food. If she is the one who does most of the cooking it is a real treat to go out and have someone else cook.

    As you can't afford a bunch of flowers, cook a meal for her and make it special. I don't mean the food has to be special but the setting should be, put some thought into it and it will show.

  • LisaRose

    We are lucky to have a good neighborhood restaurant within walking distance of our house. It's a "cheers" kind of thing where everybody knows your name. I am on a very restricted diet due to intestinal issues and they are always happy to make substitutions, which I really appreciate. The chef is young and always trying news things which we like. There is another restaurant (also within walking distance) that has good food, but the service is spotty and the bar is sub standard. We would go there a lot more often if not for the issues, so they are basically losing business because they can't make a decent gin and tonic.

  • JWdaughter

    If it comforts anyone, I make my own refried beans, cook my black beans from dry, bake most of my own bread, make my own tahini, hummus and just today made salted tahini chocolate chip cookies and also some lemon pecan shortbread.

    I make homemade everything, just about, from scratch-except noodles. I buy meat raw and not processed with any seasonings or coatings.I mix my own italian seasonings, mexican seasonings, curry and garam masala. (I do use jarred ginger garlic paste) I freeze my own broccoli from fresh. Best home fries ever. I even figured out how to make my own "cream of (mushroom/chicken/whatever) soup to add to 'convenience' recipes. I compromise on all this sometimes to practice for the Pillsbury bake off, but not really holding my breath, there!

    Restaurants and chefs know what quality food is, but often just don't give a darn about your family. YOU do, so learn how to cook! There are ways to simplify and streamline and keep quality (like my frozen broccoli and big batches of frozen beans-they take forever to prepare properly from dry, so I make big batches and freeze in dinner recipe sized portions).

    The only problem is that normal american diets require more than just a few basic staples, which means that I have a lot of grains, veg and meat in my freezer and pans to cook all the stuff. I'm not that great a cook, but I am an aspiring foodie. And I know how to make a baguette, which is more than most of the people on the GBBO can do!

  • Chook

    The whole problems of a rockstar restaurant is that to build a little cosy restaurant where u just feel at peace and relaxed with a quirky atmosphere, is that government red tape is mad in western lands. I'm might build one ,I just have to count the cost.

  • rebelfighter


    Oh you just made me very hungry for the foods I used to love. All those delightful healthy beans and homemade breads!! Those were the days, long gone now. I still make homemade muffins for the family which of course I cannot eat because of the wheat.

    As for dining out I much prefer the hidden little no name mom and pop places. Our family generally loves BBQ and the initial trip down looking for a house to buy, one of the crazy out of the way houses we found this hidden BBQ restaurant. This place has two dining rooms on either sides of the parking lot absolutely nothing fancy about it. From the time they open to the time they close there is a wait for a table. Last month online a list came out top 10 best hidden restaurants in Florida. Well I guess the lines are going to get longer. Maybe carry out will be an option now. LOL

  • Ucantnome

    we don't go to many restaurants. there is one that is part of a chain of restaurants that we usually got to and have the same meal everytime. usually try and go on a monday midday it's quiet and we can sit by the window and watch the river flow past. and the punts.

    there is a coffee shop I go to regular and occasionally eat there, has a great view, comfy chairs and some nice millionaires shortbread. above a bookshop.

  • jeanniebeanzz

    Cooking at home is becoming a thing of the past. Fast food is getting cheaper and cheaper while groceries are subject to runaway inflation. Ten years ago, I could shop for groceries to feed our family of three for about 35-40 per week. That was three meals a day for three people for seven days and included snacks and drinks and basic grocery store stuffs like laundry, dish and personal soaps, shampoo & conditioner and pet foods/litter. Last week, getting all generic stuffs, and shopping for only two people, my total was 75. It's insane.

  • millie210

    JWdaughter you are amazing!

    Didnt we have a thread here once where we were talking about baking contests?

    My problem is a love of good food but a lack of time and alas I am not that in to cooking.

    A rainy day, a great tomato sauce from scratch while I drink a glass of wine, some good crusty bread and pasta and Im done for a month!

    My cooking gene must be very dormant.

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