The Great Watchtower Guilt Trip

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  • pale.emperor

    As im sure almost all of us on here are ex-JW, we all know first hand how well the Watchtower used the power of guilt to manipulate our thoughts and actions for the entire time we were active witnesses.

    Guilty for not going on the ministry enough.

    Guilty for not trying harder while on the ministry.

    Guilty for not turning up for hall cleaning that time.

    Guilty for saying a swearword.

    Guilty for looking at a porno mag.

    Guilty for masturbating through my teens (i thought i was the ONLY ONE who did!)

    Guilty for thinking the GB is wrong on a certain thing.

    Guilty for touching my girlfriend there... even though we've been dating for 3 freakin years and not had sex (thats not natural imo).

    Guilty for not following along in the Watchtower magazine on Sunday.

    Guilty for not studying.

    Guilty for nodding off during the 8 hour convention.

    Guilty for my mind wandering during the talks.

    Guilty for thinking of sister so-and-so.

    The list goes on. And it's amazing how powerful a handle guilt can have on a person. Making someone feel worthless and unimportant is cruel and unloving. It's a classic cult manipulation trait.

    It's only since leaving that I've felt real happiness and relief. Not having to lie about who i talk to, where im going, what i watch, if i smoke, if i try this, if i do that. In fact, i can honestly say, it took leaving the Jehovah's Witnesses to make me an honest man! On the rare occasions that Witnesses from my old KH speak to me i refuse to lie to them about what i like and what i dont like. I will mention without a trace of guilt that i was in Amsterdam a few weeks ago and smoked marijuana. That i collect Hindu idols to decorate my home and that my friends are a mix of atheists and one or two pagans.

    Being able to speak so openly about myself is so liberating and i truely value "the [real] world" for allowing me to be myself.

  • HereIgo

    FOG = Fear, Obligation, Guilt. All of that basically sums up the watchtower mindset. I have loved ones that are still in and they feel guilt about not doing enough and afraid of Armageddon, wondering if they will die or not. I feel sorry for those ones, I used to be one. That is no way to live.

  • stuckinarut2

    Well said!

    Great thread.

    It is not until we learn to let go of the FOG that we really start to HONESTLY live.

  • Still Totally ADD
    Still Totally ADD

    Many years ago when I was a elder a CO told me you can not trust the friends to do what's right. This is why we have so many rules. Guilt is a very powerful tool. Still Totally ADD

  • ttdtt

    Yes its a long list for sure. One we all have.

  • Vidiot
    Still Totally ADD - "Many years ago when I was a elder a CO told me you can not trust the friends to do what's right..."

    This is something that's rarely mentioned, but IMO needs to be accounted for when analyzing virtually everything the WTS does, because this central (yet fundamentally flawed) idea is considered a foregone conclusion in the conservative worldview, and impacts virtually every aspect of it.


    The Great Watchtower Guilt Trip

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  • stan livedeath
    stan livedeath

    emperor said:. "Guilty for masturbating through my teens"


  • Iown Mylife
    Iown Mylife

    What they really mean is, We can't trust the friends do to what WE SAY is right.

  • steve2

    As a young teen wracked by fear, obligation and guilt, I was told by elders that the human heart cannot be trusted and so we needed to abide by God's word and the direction of the brothers in New York.

    What a message to lay on young people: You cannot trust your heart - you need us to direct you.

    It took me years to see through the deliberate FOG and realize I had a brain that could reason and handle facts and a heart that had normal human emotions and could express them capably.

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