Watchtower's Tarot Message

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  • gitasatsangha


    I don't want to seem like a conspiracy nut, but as a student of a Rosicrucian order, I must admit I have seen many signs that the Witnesses have been influenced in their development by someone who had at least a little contact with one of the RC groups. The tetragrammiton is imporatant in RC symbology. Al of this information is of public record among the RCs. Here is an explanation of the symbollical importance IHVH has in the western esoteric tradition: (an informative, candid site by the Confraternity of the Rose Cross). also has a lot of information on other symbology as well. You don't have to agree with it, and most of it is in the historical perspective, but it is still interesting reading.

    Other things which are interesting is that in the 1870's, Rosicrucian activity was fairly high in Pennsylvania. Pennsylvania had a Rosicrucian activity going as far back as the colonial period, but in 1879 Societas Rosicruciana Civitatibus Foederatis was formed. This order, unlike most, requires it's members to be Masons (and of 32nd degree.) It still exists but is very small, with only a few hundred members, compared with a claimed hundreds of thousands by AMORC.

    The larger Pennsylvania group of interest would by the one with the Beverly Hall headquarters at Quakertown, PA. Fraternitas Rosæ Crucis, Here is a picture of one of their buildings.

    notice the symbol over the door. This group formed in 1912 (and reformed in 1919, I think) and is still around today, although from what I hear they are beyond the mainstream. The problem for trying to link Rosicrucianism with the Bible Students/Watchtower, is that there is no real homogenous Rosicrucian group. There are many groups, some of which only last a little while. Some are public, others are not. Some are religious and others are less so. On top of that, some are Christian oriented, others are Masonic, others are Golden Dawn, while still others like AMORC have become more "New Age." Many have bogus claims.

    I am just speculating, but I believe that the Witnesses have had ex-Rosicrucians among their members back at the beginning. Russell was starting a whole new side-branch of Christianity and he needed symbollism. He used what he had in stock, symbollically, but developed his own teachings. Rutherford, by comparison was an iconoclast (and a drunkard, womanizer, and general bastard). Since then images keep cropping up. Ray Franz hasn't mentioned any kind of initiatic ceremony among people at the top in WTBS, so I would think that possibly people in the writing and art department are just doing their own occult research in the name of looking for things to print, or else some of them are first genreation witnesses with a prior background in western esotericism. This would be likely. I know several elders who were formerly masons.


  • Pleasuredome


    the watchtower pez dispenser, for the sophisticated apostate!

  • Pleasuredome


    notice the same winged disc symbol on the new york assembley hall (is it disused now?).

  • sf
    the sophisticated apostate!

    Tom...I have a project for you if you choose to accept such.

    Take Johnny Cash's video he made of the Nine Inch Nail's masterpiece 'HURT' and replace Johnny with Teddy and his henchmen morphing at mach speed. I know it will be brilliant, as is ALL YOUR FINE MASTERPIECES.

    Then send it to the WTBTS and get it up on your 'pages'. PLEASE!!!

    Think it over and get back to me. Or better yet, surprise me!! You know how I love 'wt surprises'.


  • Ravyn

    If I was doing the spread for the querent I would say, first of all--all major arcana denotes a transformative period or something of great spiritual importance. second, if the spread was the typical Past-Present-Future spread with these cards, I would read them this way:

    Past- Tower= liberation from religious authority, a catstrophe that means a whole new set of rules and freedom from the old ones. Disaster-but necessary to progress. The fall of the old religious world order, can mean chaos and pain, but will eventally mean freedom.

    Present- Lovers= choosing physical over spiritual. a new contract. a new alignment. joy, ecstasy, passion and desire. happiness coming from a new partnership that promises physical fulfilment.

    Future- Death= going thru the doorway of transformation. a complete change in nature, metamorphisis on all levels. death to the old and rebirth to the new.

    I don't know if they intended the meanings I got from the reading---or if they even know how to manipulate it like that---BUT I would say it would be a very poistive spread for someone who was leaving JWs. It certainly reflects my first couple of years out of the Borg. In fact such a spread if it was intentionally laid out, could be used as a spell--I wonder if the ranks of those leaving the Borg increased after they used that illustration? I know that picture always fascinated me! And that was years before I ever picked up a deck of tarot cards or a ouija board. Kinda' backfired in my case--wouldn't ya say?


  • Ravyn

    I read the cards from left to right, but if you read them from right to left...the Past and Future would be switched, which in this case would mean that either:

    left-to-right= the Borg was destroyed in your consciousness FIRST before you left it--such as finding out it was involved in scandal...


    right-to-left= YOU made the transformation first on a personal level and hence 'outgrew' the Borg such as you figured out all the rules were utter nonsense and decided to break a few of them....


  • manon


    Thanks for posting that last photograph. That is a picture of my old assembly hall in Greenpoint, NYC. On the inside of this beautiful building are Egypitian or Phoenician style statues along side the walls. And yes that logo is on the facade of the building. I spent many years in that building attending mini conventions.


  • Pleasuredome


    wouldnt what you say be the case for a normal card reading? but if the person who created that page was trying to convey a message, the meaning may not necessarly be the same. i was thinking more along the lines of love of the watchtower ends with death. possible.

    was there a warning message contained in this pic....

  • Ravyn


    oh yes absolutely! If the Borg thought it could subliminally influence their ignorant sheep---such as leaving the Tower and becoming involved in immorality leads to Death....I am sure they would use it. Just an 'inside' joke tho to realize the REAL meaning of the cards. Similar use of the Death card was employed by the DC Sniper and has been used in VietNam as a calling card of sorts by certain 'invisible' spec op groups.


  • wednesday

    I have always wondered why the WTS put so much emphasis on the occult. perhaps b/c russel was involved to some degree it, they are trying to distance themselves from it.

    I have read part of the articles. Most were ok, but the one link entitled Chapter 4 sounds like a lot of consipricy talk.

    I have had several tarot readings. Most have been not very noteworthy.i do find tarot interesting.not one of my readers was ever able to discern my religious connections.

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