Question about baptism around 1973- can anyone answer for me?

by Virgochik 21 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • Fernando

    Virgochick, I have come to see water baptism as a (public) symbol or shadow of a higher spiritual reality and legal transaction which is being affirmed by the one being baptised:

    "By going under the water I identify with Jesus' death where my sin (dysfunction) was imputed to him, and by coming up from the water I identify with Jesus' resurrection where his (perfect) righteousness was imputed to me as a free gift".

    I have affirmed this transaction in my heart when coming to faith in around 2006 (and being born-again spiritually).

    I have not felt the need to annul my Watchtower baptism as it was done with a genuine heart for God, albeit in a religious cult with no heart for God.

    When I feel moved to I will undertake baptism again with friends and family in a public place quite apart from any organisation or clerical authority. I would actually prefer if we could baptise each other as a family so that no one can claim us as "theirs".

  • wannaexit

    I was baptized in 1973 with the old gold/yellow "Lamp" book and the question included being baptized in the name of the father, son and holy spirit.

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