Get Woke Go Broke

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  • punkofnice

    What do you think of this? Does it make sense? Any examples either way?

  • LoveUniHateExams

    What do I think of it? - well, re the arts, some changes are ok but to change things just to score virtue signalling points is pretty stupid. For instance, if a film maker wanted to make a film of Agatha Christie's novel Ten Little N***ers then it would be fine if the title was changed. But what we're seeing often in film and TV is changes just to please purple-haired Communist-supporters. TBH, I found it quite amusing at first but now it's getting tedious.

    So, what we tend to see is female characters being made 'strong' - they usually have purple or pink hair, shaved high at the sides. And they are usually incredible fighters, able to kick men's asses despite weighing 95 pounds soaking wet. Their sexuality is typically non hetero-normative.

    It shows a complete lack of creativity.

    There are plenty of examples of film and TV going woke. A fair few major franchises have been ruined this way.

    Here's one example: a horror film will soon be released called Karen. About a white woman who moves next door to black people and she's racist. Yeah, it's a serious film, not parody of woke culture, lol. Check out the like/dislike ratio to this trailer. XD

    Karen Movie Teaser/Trailer - YouTube

    Re banks and businesses going woke then broke, there are some examples of this, too. I think Barclays Bank went all-out in their support for LGBT+ Pride Month. I just want a bank which will look after my money and let me draw it out. I don't care about people's private lives. I can't be the only person who feels this way, lol.

    All these organisations are free to go woke. But customers are free to choose whether we'll use their services or watch their movies or buy their products.

    Hopefully common sense will eventually rule.

  • punkofnice
    Barclays Bank

    That's what I do when viewing certain websites (British humour).

    I am all for diversity and inclusion but when it gets rammed down my throat by champagne socialist hypocrites then they can duck right off.

    I now boycott certain brands because I've had enough of being talked at like a p.o.s. because I'm a middle aged white male. I know they're all bloody hypocrites too.

    Gillette can sod off. More than a man can be bothered with.

    M&S can do one. No I don't want underwear inspired by George Floyd who wasn't a nice chappie.

    Ben and Jerrys can sod off.

    Most of Hollywood can virtue signal themselves into obscurity.

    Corporations should leave political issues alone.

    Uncle Ben's (Mars) can take their racist arses and jump in the river.

    ....the list is getting too long. I soon won't be able to buy anything because I object to the duplicitous nature of those virtue signalling racists.

  • punkofnice

    Just to add, Dr Who's viewing figures went thru' the floor. I'd venture, not because they cast a female doctor but because the stories were disjointed, woke, virtue signalling and anti white preachy rubbish.

    Luckily, I have been able to avoid Batwoman.

  • LoveUniHateExams

    I am all for diversity and inclusion - yeah, me too. To some degree our society is already diverse and inclusive, although there are always wrinkles to iron out.

    Like you, I hate it when diversity is shoved down my throat or when diversity is used to shut down my freedom of speech. Y'know, 'check your privilege'. Er, I'm a white male but I don't really have any privilege.

    The only type of diversity I want shoved down my throat is intellectual diversity.

    Another issue, at least for me, is when people call our society 'institutionally [something]'. It's like whatever these companies do will never be enough for some activists anyway.

    I'm not in a great position to do much boycotting because I'm poor. So, I will continue to buy Gillette Mach 3 razors because I already have the Gillette handle. Although I shave infrequently, again just to save money.

    I boycott the TV license, not only to save money but to prevent even more money going to the BBC. I think the BBC should be seriously reformed and all the dead wood should go, but it won't happen.

    TBH, I like having a good laugh about all this 'going woke' crap. I have liked a few sites on FaceBook which laugh at events or take the mickey out of some people. It's good to laugh.

    Some of it is beyond satire anyway but simply hilarious.

  • punkofnice
    I like having a good laugh about all this 'going woke' crap. I have liked a few sites on FaceBook

    I don't go on FB much these days. I got fed up of seeing what some brain dead kid with 2 frankfurters for lips, had for dinner and all that.

    The BBC are just a big mafia like organisation in cahoots with the Met Peelers.

    I hate the Peelers too, now. Not individual Green Street Runners, but what the uniform now represents.

    This is where my tax is these buffoons.

    Caress a Dick is an incompetent woman as head honcho of the Rozzers, in my opinion.

  • LoveUniHateExams

    Caress a Dick is an incompetent - yeah, when going woke can cause serious problems, then it's not a great laugh.

    E.g. the way the police have been so soft on the Extinction Rebellion protestors, letting them block motorways for hours when the old bill should have dragged them off the roads and into the back of a police van asap. That shit is serious - those protestors could stop an ambulance trying to get a patient to a hospital, for example.

    But re wokeness in film and the arts, I think having a good laugh at it is pretty good. I mean it's meant to entertain us, right?

    BBC Newsnight's playout is a scream! - YouTube

  • mickbobcat

    I don't buy any movies at all in any way but for my prime channel. I only use that because I do use the free shipping on Amazon. I can torrent or stream most anything. Just watched Cry Macho on line. I don't support Hollyweird at all. Or as little as possible.

  • Anony Mous
    Anony Mous

    It's a real thing, people are sick of it. The movies aren't bouncing back even though most states are open, they blame COVID but it's really people staying away from the Marvel China-promo flick, the endless berating. It's especially noticeable in TV shows, they'll cram in some disjointed stories about blacks, cops and white supremacy, totally irrelevant to the story, even series that made fun of this 2-3 seasons ago have gotten their writers replaced and are now cramming it in with out-of-context flashbacks as to when racism supposedly happened previously in the show.

  • greenhornet

    Here in the states Dicks sporting goods "got woke" . They destroyed (so they said) certain items. Myself and many americans will never shop there.

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