Will Governing Body stop preaching work?

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  • neat blue dog
    neat blue dog

    At this year's Annual Meeting (2016), David "Mark" Sanderson asks the audience the question, "Are you determined to keep on preaching with us until we say the work is completed?" to which they respond with applause. Do you think that stopping the preaching work will ever be a part of the GB's long range plan? Or do you think this is just carrot-on-a-stick speak?

  • Londo111

    Is that an exact quote?

    "we say"?

    It used to be "Jehovah's says".

  • Ding

    I doubt they will ever say the work is completed unless they go totally crazy and tell all JWs to head for the nearest bunker.

    If that's an exact quote, the words I would focus on are "preaching with us."

    Is the GB out preaching anywhere?

    Somehow I can't picture Splane spending his Saturdays standing on a street corner next to a cart.

  • sir82

    Is that an exact quote?

    "we say"?

    It used to be "Jehovah's says".


    That would be extraordinary chutzpah, even for them.

  • tor1500

    Hi There,

    I don't think so, because if the end didn't come as they thought, then they would be seen for who they really are...Men who think that they have a hook-up with Jehovah/Jesus. Because you do realize the GB's think they are chosen by God/Jesus. So if they decide to call off the preaching work & say, well, got a text from God/Jesus & they said...pack it up Guys...call your sheep, tell'em, it's over....stop preaching...So they stop & nothing happens...how will they spin that....many of us will say, I thought you were inspired by the Holy Spirit/God/Jesus & you told us that when the preaching work stops, then the end will come....we stopped preaching a while ago...so where's the end..You see, the society will not be able to wiggle out of that...they were able to spin the GT coming anytime for a long time....but not this one...they will be found out. They could never spin this without the flock not suspecting, they aren't who they say they are. They will be looked at as more than imperfect...the flock will start to see them as liars...They cannot continue to dangle the carrot on a stick for that long...

    If they do, they will have to come up with something brilliant to explain, why it didn't happen. They can't say a new light because if the preaching work is stopped you will hear 8 million folks sigh....& you would never be able to get them back out to do door to door, because most of us see it's not working...Oh there will be a few die-hards that will loose their minds, because going out in service validates them, plus many of them are so mean their own meanness runs them out the house, can't even stay home with themselves.

    But the Society is very crafty....I don't sleep on them. I work for an organization so the way the society is run is just like a secular organization.

    The FDS is beating the flock because of low membership...they have given us tons of tools to bring in folks & they are not coming...& they think it's us, but it's not us, the folks behind the door know who we are & life is tough enough. Week after week we talk about how it's easy to start a bible study...use this device, say this, keep it simple, don't ask to return just return...use only the bible...show them this video & so on...& none of it is working...why....because the world is more informed now....they can look JW's up. Most of the time the folks that come him are so depressed & they have come to the end of the line so, here we come knocking & we love bomb them..they don't stand a chance...

    Since the JW.org. many folks study on line, they don't want a commitment...we always say, there is no commitment for a bible study...but that's just a lie...nothing but bait...

    So to answer your question...Maybe one day, but not now...but I could be wrong...


  • notsurewheretogo

    They couldn't say it stops...as they use the scripture about preaching THEN the end will come...if they say stop then the end comes...and we know it won't thus they must perpetuate the myth that it needs to be preached.

  • Funchback

    Haven't they already stopped ever since they introduced cart witnessing?

  • careful

    NBD, I believe his first name is Douglas, not David. It helps to get the facts straight, especially when making a quotation that people then question, as is the case here.


    Is that an exact quote?

    "we say"?

    It used to be "Jehovah's says".

    Right on. The wording, if the quotation is accurate, illustrates the great difference between GB one and GB two. The latter is much more self-promoting, the former more humble and in the background. I don't recall Fred Franz signing any NWT copies...

    I think it also reflects their theology: they think that the end will come during their tenure at the helm, and that when the wild beast moves against religion, there will come a time when the preaching work will no longer be necessary. They, as God's spokesmen, will then inform the R&F that the preaching work is over. And then the end will come.

  • ttdtt

    NO - that quote was to tell all - you better keep going and never stop.

  • neat blue dog
    neat blue dog

    Sorry I can't provide the exact minutes and second location, but he did say "we", that's what caught my attention. I've heard 'until Jehovah says it's done' a million times, including one of the old songs.

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