The difference in JWs in the cult

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  • mickbobcat

    I have been in several congregations over the years. The hypocrisy was staggering. So many of these idiots were fake JWS.Some were strict followers and were as annoying as could be. But so many where hypocrites. Kids would show up with the family at meetings and when they were at school were as worldly as anyone not in the cult. Going to dances and parties and joining sports ect. I would see so many who would go to R movies, wear cloths that were not appropriate to JW rules. I would see parents going to school events and parties, out to dinner with and having worldly friends but would be sitting in the front of the hall on Sunday AM. I don't know which was more annoying to me, a cult member who was a hypocrite or a true believer who was so stuck up and would mark someone if they missed two meetings in a row. As a kid it was very confusing to see these JWs come to hall and get to also do all the things I was told I could not. So many Cult members would live double lives,

  • Overrated

    I at a young age was "forced" to be a Jw. Sure I would go to the Kh, but I was not all into it. Just too bullshit. I could not wait to be out on my own so I can leave the Jw bullshit completely.

  • Overrated

    Somethings I would do when I was forced into Jw activities that I had too:

    On the the kh stage was a hiding pull out dry erase board. In big letters in red I wrote "Bullshit"! The brother giving the talk was shocked and so was the cong.

    My parents would make me do field circus(service) I never knocked and If I did I would not talk anything about Jw stuff. I wouldn't do Nh records all not interested.

  • EverApostate

    When I was a JW, many times I would get the feeling of spreading a very silly message to the Public. Would be so embarassed to wear suits on the weekend and go preach about some silly, funny, idiotic middle east myths.

    What a freedom now.

  • Overrated

    Aah! What freedom we have that we no longer have to serve a self serving cult.

    Let those self righteous sucks be trapped in that bull. I'm going to live my life.

  • Rocketman123

    Things you might see at a JWS Kingdom Hall........


    Child abuse

    Corruption and twisting of facts

    Propagation of ignorance and fear


    A pre-designed personality for Kingdom Hall attendance exclusively.


    Teachings that aren't supported in the bible and may actually be against bible teachings (apostasy)

    The propagation of fear, guilt and obligation concerning service work or distributing the WTS's literature publicly.

    Pretentious forced smiling with evaluation upon people's dress attire .

    All of these things vary from congregation to congregation but they are nevertheless all there.

  • WTWizard

    And much of that "hypocrisy" is forced. One is expected to put on an outwardly pious appearance, and preach things they didn't really believe in. (And this is worse now that there are fewer articles to choose from.) You got a rag against fornication? Most people will not go along with that, because the rules go against the rules of nature. I had a miserable time when that was the feature article, and preferred to feature a secondary article or the Asleep! rag when a no-fornication article was the main feature. (I did, however, have a much easier time with no-smoking articles since smoking goes against nature).

    However, those who write these articles are reprehensible. You write up something that goes against nature and force it upon the whole organization, you bind yourself to that rule. Whether it be the fornication issue, or something to do with not having any money or property or mandatory coronavirus shots, those writing up these things are forcing those in the field to preach things they may not believe in and that go against nature. Then some are going to just go along with nature, forcing them to act out of harmony with what they are preaching. Others are going to repress their natural drives, and then force it on the remainder of the congregation. And, which of these the hounders in your local congregation choose is going to determine how strict they are. If the lead hounder represses his natural drives, it will be forced on everyone else.

  • BluesBrother

    Is it hypocrisy to be more liberal in your views and conduct than the strict, anal ones who take everything to limit?

    When I married I was surprised at the films my wife liked to watch... she was no fan of the heavy rock music I loved.. We found a balance and learned from each other. Others we knew in the congregation would not have approved, we allowed them their “ weak consciences “

    Some of the most “mature” dubs we knew used to reveal tastes that surprised us. We did not think Christianity revolved around such things.

  • Overrated

    When I was a child I saw two persons in my parents. Them when they where way from other JW's and the other when they where around JW's. I was not going to wear no fake mask for these people. I had a feeling it was as all bullshit, but as a Jw child what can I do?

  • mynameislame

    I can think of a couple reasons to be a half assed JW.

    PIMI family that you aren't willing to lose.

    Cheap semi-honest laborers.

    Saving money on Holidays.

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