Next steps for the Austrailian Royal Commission

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  • stuckinarut2

    Watch this space.....

    The society is in for a rough ride (even more than they have already experienced) !

  • stuckinarut2

    You know, the society can try and spin EVERY OTHER strange thing about their past teachings, and practices etc. And they can whitewash many unusual aspects of the doctrines...

    BUT they simply can't....I repeat CAN NOT excuse the documented history of negligent handling of child abuse cases!

    No smooth talker, not even Toole or Jackson can sweep this under the carpet!

  • sir82

    For decades the WTS, and all its branches, have acted as if they are above the law - not that's not quite right. They have acted as if the law is utterly irrelevant, inconsequential, meaningless.

    Finally, finally, real life is infringing upon their fantasy world in which they are accountable to God alone, and in which he will always protect them from danger.

    It will be entertaining to watch their humiliation.

  • brandnew

    I hope all responsible partys who uphold the 2 witness rule....are held accountable for aiding paedophiles in their sick schemes. Yeah gb.....that means you.😡😡

    Mad Puppy

  • jeremiah18:5-10

    I believe the greatest damage that can be done, has been done, the publication of the ARC hearing videos and evidence.

    WTS has proven for decades that they do not respect laws of the land that conflict with their beliefs. As long as they believe that their laws, rules, and beliefs epitomize gods laws, rules, and beliefs, they will stubbornly resist, falling back on and being empowered by their history of resisting persecution. 99% of all current JW's will simply chalk up any adverse judgment or press to being satanic persecution. The best that can be hoped for is that the ARC videos and evidence deter new converts from joining.

    If indeed new converts dry up, the religion will eventually wither away, imploding as age and years win out. The only hope for new converts is in third world countries without ready access to the internet. However, without new converts in advanced countries, the money will dry up.

    The more investigations and hearings that occur, regardless of legal outcomes, the better. The more video and paper evidence that surfaces and finds its way to the internet, where it could seemingly live forever, the better the chance for exposure and negative impacts to WTS.

    In short, if the reputation gets soiled and their true nature exposed, support wanes. When support wanes, money dries up. Without the money, WTS goes away. It may not be quick, but at least momentum has shifted from growth and moving forward, to contraction and moving backwards. This alone is encouraging to me, even though I do wish for a quick, total, and complete demise, especially during my lifetime and that of my parents, I just don't see that happening though.

  • talesin
    shepherdless - we are Commonwealth cousins, and I figured (from what I've read) that the ARC is similar to our system,.
    Also, in Canada, punitive damages are hard to win, and amounts awarded are pretty much infinitesimal compared to the ones in the USA.

    Yes, class action suits are complex (it is an USA invention, but they are a very litigious society), but at least in Canada, it can be filed in one province, andanyone in the country *may* be able to join it. I won't question your knowledge of this, but merely ask if this may be the case in Australia as well? We've had a small class action suit here in Nova Scotia in recent years, and it was about CSA, and they won! The damages were under 6 figures per person, but it was enough to get some therapy and maybe a bit of a hand up in life for those living with PTSD.
    I don't know why the font is SO SMALL, but I can't seem to change it. Apologies.
  • OrphanCrow
    talesin: shepherdless - we are Commonwealth cousins, and I figured (from what I've read) that the ARC is similar to our system,.
    There are similarities between Canada and Australia. The process that I am thinking of in Canada that is somewhat similar to the ARC is the work that has been done, and is being done, to address the historical abuse of indigenous people in Canada.

    The Royal Commission on Aboriginal Peoples was launched in 1991 and the report released in 1996.

    This was followed by an independent class action lawsuit by residential school survivors against the Government of Canada. Merchant Law Group negotiated the residential school payments and a judgment was issued against the Government of Canada in 2005 (court authorized notice).

    In December 2015, the Truth Reconciliation Report was released after years in the making. The TRC took seven years - it was established in 2008.

    And the newest inquiry to finally, finally begin to get underway, is an inquiry into Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls in Canada.

    Also, in Canada, punitive damages are hard to win, and amounts awarded are pretty much infinitesimal compared to the ones in the USA.
    I know people who received varying amounts from the class action lawsuit launched by the Merchant Law Group. The lowest individual payment, that I have heard of, was $10,000 and the highest was $100,000.
  • steve2

    Shepherdless, my apologies if I have misunderstood your earlier posts but I can assure you the Royal Commission has more power than you appear to give credit.

    Its findings inform state and nationwide parliamentary policies and law making - it is a foundational body that makes recommendations thst are taken seriously by the government of the day.

    The stern manner in which the Judge himself closely questioned the JW representatives is one inkling that the RC has considersble power to spur significant changes in policy and law. But as acknowledged it is a weighty, ponderous process in the meantime. It endeavours to allow all parties to get a thorough and fair hearing.

    Some earlier threads looked more specifically at the RC's power to inform policy, law and ( even) prosecution.

  • Giordano

    A moment to speculate on the following POV:

    There are lawyers like Zalkin who have done a lot of groundwork into how the organization functions but due to the nature of their business, would possibly not share it with other law firms. There are many law firms that are not as well equipped, focused or even have lawyers as qualified/experienced as this law firm does and would be unlikely to ever present a case with as good of a chance of winning.

    With so many Bethel and Branch persons being laid off......... someone indicated 5,000 world wide.....many who were 'privileged' to do important work now find themselves cast out........ told to return to a congregation of strangers for their room and board and whatever minor work they are offered or can find.............. Important no longer.

    Did the Society remove the position of paid special pioneers in expectation that thousands would have been applying just to earn a little income?

    Wouldn't this overall situation cause some to rethink what they owed the Society.......... if anything. That they had glossed over the serious issue's like child sexual abuse, the blood doctrine etc. and realize that their knowledge could be beneficial to those law firms that need to get up to speed quickly?

  • LoveUniHateExams

    what you guys think might happen with the ARC? - I genuinely don't know.

    I'm largely ignorant of Law, as I am with a lot of subjects.

    I obviously hope that the WT will be fined lots of dollars, and that money be used to help the victims.

    More than this, I hope that a few collars are felt and some high-ups go to prison for a long time.

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