JW.ORG logica: I don't get it

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  • sparrowdown

    Yeah, you wouldn't want to call on say... Baal by mistake now would you...hehehe nervous laugh 😯

  • steve2

    Count the number of times kingdom hall and convention prayers mention the name "Jehovah". Commonly, it's "Jehovah this" and "Jehovah that" and "Jehovah the other thing" and on and on.

    Apparently, the more times you say His name during a prayer, the more likely the prayer will get through and actually be heard.

    It's that simple.

  • Cold Steel
    Cold Steel
    Earnest » Why? Why not use the version commonly understood in our language, as you would with John, Juan, Jacque or Jack?

    That actually was the point I was trying to make with them -- that if a name is so important, then why isn't it important enough to be precise with? God has never been known to His people by His name, right? Even the prophets didn't call Him by His name. And in the scriptures when the Lord references his name, it's used as an idiom. For example, in Ezekiel 39 where the Lord says that "they shall no longer pollute my name," He's not speaking literally about a name; He's saying they will no longer blaspheme him in any respect. JW theologians, however, have always taken the term literally. Thus, they address Him as "Jehovah" in their prayers, which has always seemed a bit disrespectful in my view.

    Thus if it's so critical that we be so familiar with Him that we use His name, perhaps we should do it precisely, otherwise Jehovah becomes just another placeholder like GOD or FATHER.

  • pseudoxristos
    The most common Christian beliefs include an immortal soul and a literal Hell, why not use the same logic when it comes to doctrine???
  • krismalone

    So calling your biological father by his first name is not weird but shows how much love you have for him.

    If calling god by his name is so important, why did he allow it to become unknown? Why not protect the proper pronunciation?


    Adonai Elohim

    Raymundus Martini (a Catholic monk 13th century) took the letter "a" from adonai and the "e" from elohim and inserted it in the tetragrammatron where you get YAHWEH which transliterated to English gives you Jehovah. This however was only a guess as god does not communicate with anyone. This means humans have to use their imagination to come up with beliefs about god(s)

  • smiddy

    Geoffrey Jackson and logic do the two go together ? Or does he speak out of both sides of his mouth.

    When asked at the ARC whether JW`s were the only true religion he replied "it would be presumptuous of me to say that "

    However doesnt G.J. as one of the G.B.members actually teach that JW`s are the only true religion ?

    How can anybody believe anything this man says about anything is beyond me.

  • Gorbatchov

    What I don't understand: jw.org claims true religion because of using Gods name.

    Then they say we don't know the name and we chose one.

    That makes you not realy true, is it?

    The used logic is painfull.


  • Wake Me Up Before You Jo-Ho
    Wake Me Up Before You Jo-Ho

    For kicks, everyone should start calling him Joffrey Jackson. See if he gets frustrated with the mispronunciation. In all honesty, he'd probably choose to be called Sir Governing Body than Joffrey. Makes you think "Jehovah" would prefer we address him by his title, God, instead of this 13th century Frankenstein of a name.

  • atomant

    Maybe its time for the GB to collectively pray together asking for gods real name and while their at it ask for guidance to sought out the overlapping generation kerfuffle.

  • steve2

    "I'm you're father you impudent child. Do not disrespect me by calling me by my name.

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