Since You Have Left The Religion Are You Happier?

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  • Phizzy

    I have written on here before about how life in the cult had brought me to the lowest point in my life, I was so depressed I was planning to end my life, you cannot get more miserable than that !

    So, of course I am now happier, but by a HUGE factor ! My Therapist saved my life, identified it was the Cult that caused my problems , and showed me how to move forward.

    Since then I have experienced what True Happiness is, I never did in all my decades in the Cult.

    Now I am VERY happy, content in my own skin, and I hope, a joy to be around, I have much to offer others, the Cult would have destroyed all of this.

  • punkofnice

    It's been a mix of many things.

    It cost me my marriage. Whereas, I have no feelings for the re-married to a jobo ex, I still feel deeply betrayed and can see the effect it has had on the family.

    I'm free but feeling rather aimless. After all, I was born in with nothing to replace the false high that 'religion' gave me.

    I find people a bloody annoyance, if I'm honest.

    guess I am now very cynical and joyless.

    But, hey ho. what's the answer? Not a lot!

  • truth_b_known
    guess I am now very cynical and joyless.
    But, hey ho. what's the answer? Not a lot!

    I feel you, PunkofNice. I was right there with you for years. It is easy to become nihilistic after leaving the Witness religion.

    I suffered for about 20 years or so. I made a lot of choices that caused a lot of suffering to myself and others. I made a deep investigation into myself and why I did what I did. I figured it out. You can too.

  • just fine
    just fine

    Absolutely happier. I was depressed when “in” never felt like enough, always trying to please everyone else.

    I left. I went to school, found my tribe, married and have a full life. Love my husband, love my job, love my life - the one I chose and built.

  • Overrated

    The Watchtower says that those who leave live miserable lives. Right!?! I live the best life ever working to improve my self and family not serving a cult. The possibilities are endless not limited under Watchtower control.

  • LongHairGal


    Yes, absolutely happier. Freedom. Reconnecting with estranged family and relatives before it was too late. Priceless.

    However, it still makes me cringe though when I think of what COULD have happened if I were more gullible and fell for pressure to quit my full time job to pursue ‘full time ministry’!.. I wouldn’t be Retired today if I had! ..This is a very sobering thought.

    I, thankfully, was not raised in the religion and have no family there so I don’t have to deal with family ‘shunning me’. The stories I have read on the forum by other ex-JWs are heartbreaking.. It’s hard to fathom the tragedy that people are going to their graves after not speaking to their flesh and blood for decades just because somebody left a religion (which was not just a belief but a lifestyle)!

  • Overrated

    Longhairgal- This is one thing I have to deal with since I chose not to be a JW. Soft Shunning. It's funny how my sisters try to recruit my wife endlessly.

  • Queequeg

    Hell, yes!

  • Biahi

    Recently saw some family, since they soft shun me. They are completely bewildered because I’m happy and have a good life. Actually, much better than theirs. It doesn’t match what the borg tells them, that we are all miserable, drug addicted, etc. 😀They just don’t quite know what to say. But they never try to preach, either. It backfires on them. Haha

  • minimus

    I’ve never heard of soft shunning. I like it.

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