1975 and 1981?

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  • Steel

    Is it true that in 1975 the watchtower falsely predicted the end of the world and a great number of the membership quit and just a few years later they turned disassociation into disfellowshipping?

  • sir82

    Yes on all counts.

  • vienne

    No, in details. The Watchtower does not believe in "the end of the world." They believe in a restored earthly paradise and the destruction of the wicked. Did they say it would happen in 1875? Yes. They still distinguish between disfellowshipping and disassociation. But they treat both parties the same. So the answer to your question is, with different phrasing, you have it right.

  • Tameria2001

    To be more precise, they believe in the end of the system of things. Meaning that God won't destroy the earth, but will kill off every single human that is not a baptized Jehovah's Witness, or a small child of a baptized JW. Now there are also JWs who will be killed off as well, those whose hearts are not in the right condition and doing 100 percent for Jehovah's organization. Afterward, it will be left up to the survivors to clean up the whole mess.

  • stan livedeath
    stan livedeath

    those of us who were "in"--in the late 60's will most surely agree the watchtower said that 1975 was the end of 6000 years of human history...and, as a creative day was 7000 years long ( really !)....and christs millenial reign would start at the end of the 6000 years, it follows that 1975 would be the year...

    i think the watchtower would like all that to go away now.

  • stan livedeath
    stan livedeath

    oddly enough--in january 1981--it was announced in the congregation that i was now apostate and should be considered as disfellowshipped, ( although i had resigned years earlier ) .

    either way, i never set foot in that kingdom hall again.

  • vienne

    Someone is following me around this site and giving me a thumps down no matter what I write. Perhaps it is time for me to leave. Consider me gone.

  • neat blue dog
    neat blue dog

    No need to leave, who cares about that one down voter? It's probably just a JW who is waking up and lurking, but still in that angry stage of denial.

  • Listener

    Vienne, I am sure there would be many of us that would miss you as you are knowledgeable in the history of Russell specifically as well as providing thoughtful comments.

    Simon didn't introduce the thumbs up or down so that it would chas people off.

  • vienne

    I turn 15 in March. My mom and her writing partner are/were the experts, not me. I have other things that are more interesting and more important than this place. There are fun people here, but there are also some who do not want to think or know what Witness history really is. Some here are cruel, and a very few are stupid.

    I am a Running Start student.That keeps me busy. I like real-life chatting at Starbucks far more than posting on this site.

    My mom had the thoughtful comments. I just say things, and some of them, probably most of them are what mom would label nonsense.

    I miss my mom. I want her back. Posting here is not a substitute for life. I'll come back and tell you when mom's book is published.

    Neat Dog, Listener, Thanks for your kind words.

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