New Witness video "Do not visit Witness dating sites" be happy single. Sick Horror!

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  • Introvert 2
    Introvert 2

    Good post all true, have to be MS at 23 according to TPT, the clique thing I have seen it and experienced it and then all the expectations of being 'spiritual'. My way of fighting back was to go sit waaay up front with the fart during prayer rejects and be as eccentric and unconventional as possible. A big FU to the borg and all the attitude remember it's hip to be square and to do your own thing, to be 'brazen' oh my, oh dear !

    I've seen what JW marriage could of been and although a few opportunities came my way I ended up staying single as I knew I wouldn't last in the Borg, sort of like the brother with the 1976 expiry date story. Did his time, didn't happen got up and left hahaha ! : Being married in the org to me sounds like being married to : wife, cult, congregation, elders and as the girl above quoted to "headquarters" YUK

    Feeling ill right now, think I'll go lie down a little..

  • sowhatnow
    there exist witness dating sites? lol, news to me.
  • ToesUp
    We had a MS in our old hall let it slip that he visits these sites. Problem is...he's married. Hmmmm!

    .New Witness video "Do not visit Witness dating sites" be happy single. Sick Horror!

    ..The WatchTower Needs To Isolate You....................Are You Lonely?.....We Can Fix That!..

    The WatchTower Wants You To Be Lonely......................Do More For The Watchtower!..

    .Image result for lonely..........Image result for Watchtower David Splane

  • Dunedain

    I remember years ago, i dont know if its still in the songbook, there was a song about how "sisters were a large army for Jehovah", lol. Basically, it has been recognised for many years that the Borg is full of single sisters, and so much so, that they make up a "large army".

    Its quite apparant, that the GB WANT an organization of a bunch of single sisters. They have been denouncing marriage for years, trying to keep the woman alone, and hence, reliant on the Borg. Its like the GB feels they can have much more, and easier, control over single woman. Also, as others above have said, the congregation LOVES to "use" people, and single sisters must seem like easier group to "use".

    Once a woman is married in the Org, the "control" is shared by the Borg, and her husband. The Borg, then, loses complete "control", and god knows, they cant have that.

    This is just another example showing how much of a high control cult the Witnesses are. The control is indoctrinated literally from infancy. You must sit still in a chair for 2 hours straight, when you are a TODDLER. You must not celebrate holidays, and have school friends, or join sports, or dancing, or gymnastics, when you are a child. When you are a teen, you cant think for yourself, or act on ANY natural urge, or dress how you want, or do your own hair how you want. Then when you are of married age, you are better off remaining SINGLE, and whether you are a "brother", or "sister", if you stay single, the BORG has their complete control of you, well into your adulthood.

    But dont worry, Jehovah loves you and will bless you.

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