Suggested movies for the new Jehovah's Witness Movie Studio to undertake once built.

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  • was a new boy
    was a new boy
    Title: אחות מתזמן (Sister Scheduler)

    אחות מתזמן would be based on 1 Kings 11:3.

    'He had seven hundred wives of royal birth and three hundred concubines'

    אחות מתזמן job is to arrange Solomon quality time with his legal babes. With 11 or 12 babes on duty for each 24 hour period, he'd get to visit each babe at least once every 90 days or so.
  • WokenfromJWcult

    "607 is the new 587"

  • waton

    david marrying abigail with full story, davids rage, prior pilfering. -- david marrying Saul's daughter Michal, with full prior story, collection 200 foreskins, also loving her brother, "more than women".-- david marrying Bath Sheba after full prior history, coveting his neighbours wife, possibly assaulting, seducing her, killing her husband, involving others in those capital crimes, unrepentant denial until confronted with evidence.

    writing the psalm where he declares himself "a man according to Jehovah's heart" . hard to believe.

  • Rafe

    "Follow Jah to Escape Reality"

    "Everyone Dead Except Us"

    "Faithfully Dying for Are Delusions"

  • Gorb

    GB members reality soap serie.

    "Jehovah does not like empty hands".

    Laughing with uncle Steven (children humor episodes).

    Choose your wiskey wise, with AMIII.

    1+1=3 show, what seems but not is, with Gerard Losch


  • mickbobcat

    The Jesus come back story, Maybe.

  • solomon

    The daddy issues

    A movie based on Lots two daughters

  • Rafe

    " Show Your Loyalty to Jah Through Money or Property "

    " The Governing Body, the Kings of Jesus's Earthly Kingdom "

    " Were Not Lying Apostates They Are "

  • Pete Zahut
    Pete Zahut

    Thanks A Lot !

    A uproarious Sitcom that revolves around a blended family headed by an aging Widower and Grandfather named Lot and the Grandchildren he sired with his two Daughters.

    Lot has his hands full trying to hide the family's secret from the local villagers and find eligible men willing to take on his Trampy but lovable Daughters...and his 2 grandkids who are both cousins and half brothers to each other ! Comedy ensues as the family of 5 navigates it way through life after the Destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah and the madcap shenanigans they get caught up in along the way, just trying to fit in.

  • Iamallcool

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