Would a JW accused to be a murderer (in a judicial committee) be reported to the police?

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  • psyco

    I am wondering if a JW accused to be a murderer (or any other serious crime except CSA) in a judicial committee would be reported to the police.

    If I sexually abused or molested a child, I would not be reported to the police.

    What about if I killed a person: would I be instead?

    It is not a matter of being right or wrong but I am only curious to know if there is at least a sort of coherence regarding the internal policies for serious crimes...

  • Fisherman

    I’m just guessing but if a JW witnessed a crime, he would report it to the authorities. However, in any religion why bother going to a priest or minister to get things off one’s conscience if the confession was going to be published to a third party or reported to law enforcement?

  • Ding

    Great question! Unfortunately, I don't know the answer.

  • Simon

    Murder is a harder crime to cover up and ignore.

    "he's fine ... he's just resting"

    I always wonder why people don't report crimes to the police. Is it possible that they want things "handled" in a less dramatic fashion, by someone having a "friendly word"?

  • Vidiot

    As bugshit crazy as this sounds, I seem to recall a leaked internal WT document stating that they should not, in fact report a "brother" to the authorities if he'd committed a murder.

    Maybe "encouraging" him to go himself and confess, but that'd be the extend of it.

  • blondie

    I know there is a letter on how to handle members who are murderers while a member and before they were a member, but not caught. I will try to post it here when I get a copy.

  • Diogenesister

    Ok I know of a JW whose neighbour was beating his 80 plus year old mother up...HIS MOTHER. JW refused to report him to the police so she approached his ex wife and asked her to do it. This ex wife refused and said it serves the old lady right because she spoilt him.

    Result: he continued. They are reluctant to go to the police and many would say it's against their faith. The real reason is that they are terrified it will somehow reflect badly on watchtower.

    (I was a child at the time and was informed about it later)

  • joao

    It's exactly the same as in csa cases.

  • BluesBrother

    In my experience, the question has never been asked within the Society, at least I have never seen it commented on. Supposing a man confessed to a murder that had happened some years ago ? I don’t know, I guess these days they would ask the Branch Office what to do.

    I do recall the exchange of words at the Australian investigation into child abuse. The presiding judge asked the elder “ So what if a member confessed to murder , would you keep that quiet?”

    The elder said “No” .

  • Achille

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