JWs and Field Service Attire

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  • laverite

    Thanks, Berrygerry. I think the entire combination is what struck me -- The khaki trousers, combined with a colorful diaper bag, the blue stroller, the lack of book bags, and the orange over the shoulder bag the brother had just seemed so very casual. BUT, there were ties! Had the ties not been there, they would have looked like they were ready for a day at Disneyland.

  • millie210

    Were they young?

    Maybe they are sliding in under the judgement wire that way?

  • laverite

    They looked 30-something maybe?

  • millie210

    So not teens or very young adults. Sounds like one might be the father of the stroller rider.

    In that case, it sounds like what I call the "new breed" of young JW.

    They put in token everything...

    Meetings are on their phone while also surfing the net.

    Assemblies they are there late on Friday if at all, mostly there on Saturday and Sunday for the meal with friends after.

    If not for pressure of "in" parents and in laws they wouldnt even do that.

    The females exhibit a little more effort in this age group. There is a cluster of pioneers in the 30 something age group. Many of them are using it as their "career" and it gets them honor inside the Hall.

    Its similar to the nuns in the Catholic church.

    The other pious young women in that category are the young moms who believe the Org teaching that your dependent children will die at Armageddon if you dont do all the things the Org currently proposes - such as field service.

    This is a unique group the 20 and 30 year olds...

    They take what they need and leave the rest.

  • ab.ortega

    That's how I always dressed for service...hah.. Pretty normal here. Only some of the "older" people would sometimes wear a sport coat for service. Long sleeve shirt in 100+ degree weather, no thanks. Come to think of it, short sleeve with a tie looks weird. ....

  • Magnum
    ab.ortega: That's how I always dressed for service...hah.. Pretty normal here. Only some of the "older" people would sometimes wear a sport coat for service

    That's how most in my area dressed for service, too, at least the last 30 or so years. A lot of us wore khaki pants and just shirts with ties - no coats. Most of us did, though, wear long-sleeved shirts, even in the peak of summer.

  • laverite

    I'm fascinated by these replies. Thanks for sharing everyone. I didn't know this was so standard now. The thing is that I am often working from home weekdays, and my street is worked (waaaaaay over worked, fact!!) and it's almost always sisters working week days. Sometimes, I see older men working the street, but they are always dressed in their entire JW uniforms. I think it's so rare for me to see youngish men working this street, that the combination of the shoulder bag, clothes, etc. seemed in such contrast to what I am used to seeing on my street.

    Thanks all!

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