JWs and Field Service Attire

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  • laverite

    Hi all,

    This morning the JWs are working my neighborhood. I have a birds eye view from my upstairs office. On my side of the street is three men with a baby in a stroller. On the other side of the street is two women.

    The women are dressed to the nines and looking very formal. The men are wearing short sleeve shirts, ties and khaki trousers. Other than the diaper bag, only one of the guys had a bag. It was a canvas over-the-shoulder sports-type bag with some orange on it rather than formal looking book bags, as well as a diaper bag.

    On top of the stroller was a sippy cup and toys. Without the ties, they'd have looked like they were ready to go shopping at the local mall. What strikes me about this is the overall casual look, compared to say twenty years ago. Any thoughts?

    It was definitely the witnesses. They left brochures. Also, the sisters were dressed as anyone might expect from the 70s, 80s, 90s, etc. with nice attire and fancy bags. The brothers were not wearing jackets and they just looked very informal, especially with the canvas bag, no jackets, etc. Again, only the ties stepped it up a bit.

    Am I so far out of the loop that I am just noticing the increase in casual (or is this not typical and the JWs have not in any way gone a bit more casual)?

  • laverite

    I should add that all of this was mid-morning -- it's going to be a warm day but it's nice and cool(ish) at the time, so no need to go without jackets it would seem. Possible changes in JW practice fascinates me. My guess, though, is that nothing has changed as far as attire and it's just as formal as it's always been and that maybe this isn't typical at all.

  • millie210

    Sounds like the guys are just not that in to it.

    The wives probably are and they would rather show up and watch the baby than get browbeaten by their wives for staying home.

  • laverite

    I didn't think of that, Millie210.

  • Iown Mylife
    Iown Mylife

    Good observing - sounds like the guys are so resistant and hard to get them out in service - so will they go if they don't have to wear suits? *sigh* OKAY I'll go, sheesh, anything to shut you women UP!

  • careful

    Did you take a pic of the men and send it in to Tony Morris for being out of uniform? They will doubtlessly have their "privileges" restricted for a time for being so disobedient and irreverent.

  • laverite

    Careful - I could have taken lots of pics. Should've. LOL.

  • SAHS

    Well, at least the men were, in fact, wearing ties. After all, men’s ties are the “keys of the kingdom.” They’ll get into the new system paradise, for sure. I mean, they wear ties, right? (If they’re pedophiles, that’s okay. That might get fixed up sometime in the Christ’s 1000-year reign. Maybe.)

  • laverite
    good point, SAHS. :-D
  • berrygerry

    Suits are preferred, but as long as there is a tie.

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